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Hi, Primmies... I stitch reproduction antique samplers and dolls. I also have lots of great artists and their sites featured as well as tutorials and some recipes for you to enjoy. Eventually we will have our own items for sale. Until then I hope you will enjoy the content, please leave a comment on any post you wish to.

Thank you,

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Please Visit My Followers

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October 31, 2011

I Have To Make This Quick

Hi, Primmies, we are at my daughter and son-in-law's house. We had a foot of snow and it brought down two oak trees over 100 years old. One fell across the street and pull down the power lines
and poles. The second one fell on our house, crushed our roof in, broke windows and the car
got smashed by the top that cracked in half over the house. We have a tree in our upstairs bedroom.
They say no power for two weeks, Athol is one of the worst areas in MA. Most towns don't have
power. Even if it comes on, our chiminey is sheard off and the flues are broken. So, the house is
47 degrees and I'm taking a break over here. The Boston Globe was out today taking pictures and
interviewing us. Tricia at Hillcrest Home Primitives can get a copy! Oh, it's so bad. I was sleeping
at 4:00 a.m. and the sound was horrendous. I put my hands over my head and screamed!
Gotta go, generator has to be turned off for the night. I don't know when I'll get a chance to be on
again. I have to go home and there's no power the cable and phone lines got taken down with our
tree accident.
Stay Safe, Primmies

October 29, 2011


Hi, Primmies, it's snowing really good here. There's about 6
or 8 inches on the ground so far and expected snowfall
amount is 10-14 inches. Woo Hoo! There's only one problem, the power lines are swaying the lights are going
off and on. The oak trees still have leaves and the snow is
kind of wet and heavy and that's not good. It's been snow-
ing all day long, it hasn't let up. I tried to snap a few
pictures but they're kind of dark. Maybe I'll try to see how
they look uploaded.
The adorable Santa Hat Tucks are from Pat at Ahl Cooped Up. She is giving away three of these to a lucky winner.
The rules are simple and you have until November 5th.
Enter HERE.
I just also wanted to remind you to look over the right side

blog sidebar for all of the giveaways going on right now.
There are quite a few going on until Oct. 31st. Then more
going on in November and December.
I've got a little chicken in the oven roasting. I'll need to go
and baste her and hope that the power stays on to finish up the supper meal.
Take care, everyone.

October 28, 2011

T.D.I.P.T. Mercantile's Holiday Open House and the Old Fahioned Christmas Craft Show

The artists of the Mercantile  of T.D.I.P.T.-To Dwell In Primitive Times are gearing up for their annual
Holiday Open House beginning November 1, 2011.

New wares are offered by the artists on the 1st and the 15th of each month. Also, visit their blog HERE for their awesome giveaway beginning November 1st.
Click on the photos to see slideshows of the items on the blog or visit the mercantile to see all of the many offerings for sale in the Mercantile. You will enjoy the lovely items offered by T.D.I.P.T.'s artists, there are so many to look at. It's a nice way to spend a quiet

Don't forget to mark your calendars for the Old Fashioned Christmas Craft Show beginning Nov. 11
and running until November 13, 2011. Many of our
Blog Friends have signed up and will be offering their
primitives for sale. You can see the list of participants along the right hand Blog Sidebar. We can't miss that show!


Hi, Primmies,
I found another giveaway. This one is for your choice of Thanksgiving-themed items. They are beautifully painted
by Lois of THE HUCKLEBERRY LADY. Lois is very
talented and I am showing just two of the four items we
have to choose from if you win:

You would also have a choice of a Pilgrim Hat Centerpiece or a painted wooden Turkey Wreath.
Go to Lois's blog HERE to sign up to be a follower if you are not already following, and to enter and tell her which ONE item you would like to win. You can see the others on her
WEBSITE HERE. You still  have two more days to enter!


Hi, Primmies,
To get back in the swing of things, I'm posting about a new
Margie is giving away this beautful Crows Take a Break
Isn't it gorgeous? You can enter to win the finished hooked candlemat or Margie will prepare it in kit form for you to
hook yourself!
Hurry and enter, deadline is October 31st. Margie will select the winner on November 1, 2011. Good Luck!


Hi, Primmies,
I want to thank all of you for the overwhelming flood of love and support that you've sent to Ashley and our family. It's just wonderful that I have made such warm, loving and caring friends. I hope to be up and running back to my old blabbering self this weekend. You know what I'm saying, I've had some really long posts and more than one a day!
Ashley is doing well today. She's on some meds for infections, a precaution I'm sure, for the cramping, etc. I just spoke with her before I saw all the comments and she's quiet and says she's o.k.. I think she's trying really hard, she asked us to take her pregnancy book home with us last night. Tim told her she should write in it about what happened, the ultrasounds are in it from all the babies, but she said she can't. So that tells me she's not quite alright yet. I told her it would help bring closure, she nodded her head. I'll let her think about it for a week or so and try again. That's the reason I haven't showed her all the beautiful, sweet comments from all of you. It would warm her heart, I'm sure but I think it's too much for her right now. I will
tell her this weekend. 
I want to thank you so very much again. It doesn't seem like enough
to say but I am very grateful. I realize that there are many people with  much more serious health and family issues, battling illnesses and
I want you to know that I feel the love from all of you.
God Bless All Of You,
Susan and Family

October 27, 2011

A Bit More Sad News

Hi, everyone, I wanted to thank each of you that left the beautiful comments. They do help, and yes hugs help, too. I'm sorry I'm not
commenting yet, I can't stay on here too long. As much joy as this
always brought me, it's the one thing I can't seem to do right now.
Ashley came home from the hospital tonight. I just got home here
a little bit ago. She is alright, but what has happened is that she
was pregnant, and twelve weeks along. The heartbeat was good and
we thought everything was good this time, she's lost two others.
Well, she stopped having morning sickness  and just felt wrong.
It seems when she went for her 13 week ultrasound the heart was
no longer beating. The baby had been gone for about a week or so.
They wanted her to wait to see if she would miscarry on her own
but a week passed and no. It was awful for her to have the baby inside
her and know it was gone. I can't imagine how she functioned. But
she's strong, and she did. Today they told us that she's a carrier for
cystic fibrosis and that could be why she can't keep the pregnancies
and if her husband is, that's a problem. So, I just wanted to be
respectful to all of you and read your comments and know how much
they mean to us. 
I hope that things will be back to normal soon. It's snowing like hell
and my mother and sister are due in to Boston Logan Airport at
midnight from Italy. Geesh, what else?
Warm Regards,

October 25, 2011

♥ A Simpler Time ♥: Drying Pineapples Tutorial

For your holiday wreaths.

♥ A Simpler Time ♥: Drying Pineapples Tutorial:

'via Blog this'

Very Sad News

I'm sorry I haven't been writing. We received some very sad news about my daughter's health. She must go to the hospital to have a procedure done and then the recovery will begin. It's more emotional than anything. We could fix the hurts for our kids when they were little, a kiss and maybe a coloring book and crayons when they were sick in bed. But that won't do it this time, I'm afraid. She's a grown woman now and there's little I can do except be there and let her know how much I love her. Time will fix the wounds as it always does, but the memory will take time to fade. There is a very
big empty space inside me, too right now. But I have to think of only her and my SIL's feelings now.
I will blog when I can talk about it with all of you.
It's just too difficult right now, my hands shake and the tears come unexpectedly and I can't see what I'm doing or type the right keys. My heart isn't here right now with my love of blogging. I'm going to curl up next to Mr. Glen Oaks for some comfort.
I love all of you and I will write when I can, hopefully in the next couple of days.

October 23, 2011

An Early Christmas Present

Hello, Primmies, I  hope your weekends were restful and enjoyable. A blogger I follow purchased this new Christmas book, An Early Christmas by Tina Woltzman. There are 160 stunning pages in this
book, a total of 300 full color photographs of 12 homes. I thought I
would share this with you. There is a link below to see 27 color photos
from the book and a link to purchase the book. I hope you enjoy the
pictures, I know I did.

VIEW 27 Beautiful Color Pages From The Book

BUY An Early Christmas

I want to thank everyone for being patient with me while I worked out my computer issues. Thank you for your kind comments.  I will talk to you all again soon,

October 22, 2011


Hi, Primmies...
I experienced a hard-learned lesson with computers this past week.
It turns out that the problems I had were not quite of my own stupidity.
It seems that in reading the Google Forum, there have been a lot of
crashing incidents, and this is apparently what happened to me earlier in the week. I thought I had done it with the deep clean scan on my computer, but nope, it's good ol' Google. Had I known, I could have avoided the HOURS of going nutsie re-installing programs and
such and just done a system restore. I went back to the day and time
right before this all started and simply picked the date and clicked.
There are a couple of teensy things out of whack but I'm accepting
that as a trade-off in getting back my Adobe Acrobat (seems you 
have to buy this now, it came with my laptop) which is one of the
things that disappeared. All of my patterns and things that had been
stored here were Acrobat, so when the horror happened they would
not open any longer and I couldn't find a free program to re-install.
I found some free ones from other software but they aren't quite
the same with the handy features. Needless to say everything seems
to be back in working order, and this blogger for one doesn't have the mental fortitude or the courage to go and do any of my usual posts
with pictures, files, blog surfing, etc. I'm kind of frozen tonight, 
maybe in the light of day I'll get my courage back to really use my
laptop. For now, I plan to stay offline for the rest of the night!
Warm Regards,

vintage image: vintagecatnip blog

October 21, 2011


I have been going cuckoo looking for this blog. I remembered someone saying to check out the 40 Days Of Fall Crafts and
I thought I had written it down. Well, of course I didn't, so many
days later and less hair on my head, I found it. These 40 Fall
Free Projects are from Pamela of Our Pioneer Homestead blog.
Click this link which will go directly to all the crafts projects.
There is also her button on my top left blog sidebar that will take
you to one page for all of them. I did a few highlights of the ones
I like the most:

                                  Thanksgiving Dove Make Do Day 11Thanksgiving Dove Pattern

                                                         Colonial Sugar Cones Day 26

I hope you have as much fun as I did. I'm not nearly through looking at all of the projects so far. There are 10 more days to go! Pamela
also has a lot more content on her blog, lots of tutorials, hints, and
free projects. Make sure you take time to visit her very pretty blog.

October 20, 2011


Hi, everyone, I survived the ensuing chaos of last night from the "cleaning house" incident. See what 
happens when you clean? That's why I avoid it!
I forgot all about mentioning Thanksgiving when I
jumped ahead to Christmas! And I hate it when the
stores do that. So I'm going to put up a few cuties
in between Christmas and other posts. Here a couple I thought we really cute to put in your fall orders or to incorporate them into your decorating project. Of course, you could always just mail them (what's that, I know; I still like to use regular mail for writing notes and cards):

Isn't this the cutest? This turkey looks like the one that walks down our street every day. Watch out, boy!

This one is sweet, too. I've never seen Auld Lang Syne with anything but New Year's. What do I know?
I have a few more from Thanksgiving and harvest. If you want to see a couple more let me know if you comment here. Speaking of, Mr. Glen Oaks' son will be with us this year for dinner. And of course my Ashley and Tim. Each one has put in their request for veggies and deserts. Timmy is making
a casserole that they like and a  desert. Isn't he sweet? I've made up a Menu in a "sandwich board" style to put on the table with the centerpiece. When I'm finished I'll post it. I got the cutest idea from Mamie Jane for using an old hardcover book.
I might be back later on tonight to visit with you all again. I want to read what all of you have been up to today!
Until then, primmies...


Well, evidently I put the plug-ins back. I feel stupid now after the last post I just did. I didn't imagine I would fix this problem. I managed 
to find a search result with the very simple 2-part instruction on how
to check if your plug-ins are disabled. Uh-huh, sure, like I know what
I'm doing. This was all sheer accidental luck that things went back
O.K., apparently I can comment again.  Honestly, 8 hours of this for something I did in 5 seconds. Boy, I am lucky though.  It all could have been worse. And I'm lucky that I have a lot of patience.( I think
I'm mistaking patience for being in a semi-coma)
Let me see if I can find some vintage Christmas images:

Ah, that went well.  Isn't that a pretty card?
I'm off to find some recipes and any giveaways that I missed posting 
on here. Hopefully some free cross stitching patterns for the Winter/
Christmas season. You know, my regular stuff.
I've got a headache...

Pennsylvania Horse Desperately Needs A Home


This is a request from  the Wicked Faerie Queen blog to reach 
out to as many bloggers as we can to help this beautiful animal;
here's what she posted this morning:

I visited Izzy's Acres blog just now and she is asking anyone who would like to give this beautiful horse Dandy a home. I think that passing the word may help. Please my fellow bloggers and followers copy this and post it. The more people who can get it out there the better. Let's all band together to get this lovely guy a home before it is too late.

This was her post, you can visit her blog for a clearer picture-

Home for this horse needed ASAP!!!!!
I am trying to help a friend out by getting this info out there......this beautiful boy needs a home! There is a time limit and it would be heartbreaking to see him be put down........he is FREE to the right home! Please feel free to share this info!
Thanks, everyone.


Hi, Primmies,
Well, last night I did a disc clean up scan on the laptop and I must have erased something in Google Chrome because I lost everything. Gmail, iGoogle Home Page and Blogger recognized me but everything was blank. Five and one half hours  later I managed to restore everything, but as you can see my blog is screwy. I am missing plug-ins for the apps I had and worst of all I can't leave comments anywhere on anyone's blog, even my own. So, don't give up on me gals. I hope I can figure this out and I hope this post goes through. I've really messed things up and I'll never do a deep scan again.

 So now I have to find out why I can't comment and what the heck
plug-in am I missing. I can't put back any of my widgets.
If I get through this you probably won't hear a word out of me for
days. I need an ice bag for my head...

October 19, 2011

While I'm Thinking Of It

Hi, Primmies,
I want to take this moment to thank ALL of my followers. When I
started blogging in May every time I picked up a follower, I'd
scream out to hubba, "hunny, I've got a follower", "hunny, I've
got another follower,  "hunny..." you get the idea! I've picked up
quite a few in the past week alone and I'm thrilled. I feel like
such a winner. I know that  a lot of it is due to your very sweet
comments and one having me on their blog list has led to another
and another, and I have ALL of you who've visited to thank.
My little group of early followers, you know who you are and I
will never forget the feeling of happiness you gave to me from
finding me noteworthy to follow along with.
Also, I realize that every once in a while I have something on the
blog that isn't "truly Prim". I hope you won't hold that against me
since I call this Glen Oaks Primitives, but some artists' work is
just SO beautiful (like the vintage train case) that I think there's
others like me who can appreciate the beauty. My heart is Prim
even though I like to "window shop" and peek in some different
store windows.
'Nite, Primmies...


What is this beautiful thing? It is this gorgeous Vintage Train Case
by Rebecca of A GATHERING PLACE. Want to see? Sure you do:
I hope you all enter this fabulous giveaway for a chance to have one
of Rebecca's beautiful make-over's. See her blog for more lovely
eye candy. 
Rebecca is a very talented artist who was featured in Romantic
Homes Magazine, September 2006 issue. 
Click HERE enter. The giveaway is open until Midnight, 12/11/2011.


Primmies, you need to click HERE to enter the giveaway going on
at Mammy Stitches. The winner of this beautiful Mammy doll by 
Cheryl is being announced tomorrow so you only have today to
enter, I don't have a deadline time.
So if you collect Mammies or want to start a collection, visit Cheryl's blog to sign up and enter.

Back after lunch...

October 18, 2011

My Candlemat Giveaway Win Has Found It's Place Of Honor

Hi, Primmies,
Tonight, miracle of miracles, our ancient digital camera decided
to cooperate so I can show you where my beautiful Candlemat
from PAULA'S PRIMITIVES has found it's new home:
This is my teensie dining room/gathering room where I have an
antique drop leaf table and my Eldred Wheeler bowback Windsor
Do you see why I was so excited to win? The pattern on the candle-
mat goes perfectly with my old Pfaltzgraff Village Folk Art water
pitcher. It was a gift from my sister Rose and BIL Dan. She has
been buying up pieces of this series like mad and has sent me a
complete service for 6 so far. She says they are very hard to find
and the accessories even tougher to get. The water pitcher is a
This is just a closer view of the candlemat pattern. I tried to get
close enough to show all of the hundreds of little delicate, even
stitches that Paula did throughout the mat.

Can you see a little bit better, the tiny even stitches along the scallops on each side and on the appliques themselves? The
blanket stitches are also so perfectly, evenly spaced. I don't
know how Paula's stitches all came out so perfectly! I can't do
that even on a little stitching area. Her work is just lovely.
So this is part of how I spent the evening. Sipping more chamomile
tea with honey and we're about to watch a disc that came from
Netflix today, the series from 1985 called North and South.
I shall talk to you all again soon, primmies. Have a happy night.


Hi, everyone, I'm working with a bad head cold and I can't seem to rest so what better to do than show you the cute free  CURLY SHEEP ORNAMENT. It couldn't be simpler to make and it's very prim. 
I found it on PRIMITIVE QUILTS AND PROJECTS website. You can
click HERE to go directly to the PDF download project sheet. 

Isn't he cute? Or is it a she. You decide. I'm going to make a bunch
of these for our prim tree this year.
I hope you enjoy this little project.
I'll be back later on today and tonight.
Take Care, Primmies,


Hi, Prims,
First, I want to give a huge "THANK YOU" to all of my followers
who answered my post with their opinion about seeing vintage
Christmas images and posts on my blog coming up. So many
of you kind friends left comments and you made me so happy!
Has anybody been using the new Blogger Interface? I have been using it for several weeks now. I think I like it. I don't always know how I feel about change, especially with something like this that I already have my limitations with. But, I've eased into it and I hardly ever use the HTML option when writing posts now. Things we need
to access for writing posts and reading posts seem to be handier. Speaking of, how do you feel about the new Lightbox for our photos? When you want to save something, it opens up into something that looks almost like a PictureTrail photo album. 
Anyway, what I was asking for is because I read on the Google blog
news that right now the new blogger interface is optional and you can
switch back to the old interface with a place at the top of your dash-
board to click on. I read that all blogs are going to be formatted with
the New Interface at some point. So, maybe anyone using Blogger
should familiarize themselves with the new interface before it just
appears on your blog someday. That would be awful.
Just thought I'd mention this since they aren't sure when they are
making the change permanent.
Warm Regards,

I Love Free! Get your graphics at


Good Morning, Primmies,

In case you forgot, today is the LAST DAY to enter the AccuQuilt
Go! Baby Giveaway, the deadline is 11:59pm(CST) October 18, 2011.
Click HERE to go to Connie's blog post for the Giveaway at         Quilting By The River
Also, CHECK MY BLOG SIDEBAR For New Giveaways that I've
added since the weekend if you haven't already.
Bye, I'll be back later on...
p.s. I know these
haven't been new
Christmas images
but I have to get
Fall out of my
system. I know,
I'm a stinker...

October 17, 2011

I Would Like Your Opinion, Please!

Hi, Primmies,
While I plan to put vintage images and "fun stuff" in my posts for at least today and tomorrow, I would like to know how you feel about
having Christmas images already. Is it too soon? Are you thinking 
ahead already to your Christmas crafting and gifts and cards? Or are you still relishing Fall and Halloween?
Just a quick thought I had.
Talk to you later,


Hi, All...
I've been M.I.A. for a couple of days. I'm slightly under the weather here and I don't want to give more information than you all care to hear.
I am VERY LATE posting my giveaway win, the beautiful Candle Mat from Paula at Paula's Primitives.  I am over the moon with this win,
firstly because it's my first win and secondly because it's SO GORGEOUS. You can't tell from the blog photos. The details, especially the tiny stitches on the swirls and all around the loops on the outside trim. Incredible work, Paula! And, it's got some weight to it, let me tell you. I don't know what she did but Paula made this mat extremely well, it's not just front and back wool, there's something sandwiched between that gives the mat a lot of substance. And the color, it "changes" a little depending on what light I have it under.
I'm having it at the Thanksgiving Table under my floral centerpiece

and if I don't get the camera to work before then, I will ask Ashley if I can use hers. I wanted to wait to put up photos
with the post but as usual I'm having difficulty transferring them to
the computer. Not that we're not all aware of how horribly I take photos but I felt the post wouldn't be complete without them. I'm sorry but it's going to have to be for I cannot let another day go by without acknowledging my beautiful candle mat. Thank you, Paula!!
I'll be back later with some fun graphics and an update on the new
giveaways out there. I have to take it in stages today and for the next few days so I'll try my best to keep you interested. I'm also enjoying catching up with the bloggers I like to follow and leave lots of comments where I don't usually have the time to leave them.
Til Later...

Little Owl On Pumpkin graphic from The Graphics Fairy

October 15, 2011

Free Fall Tags For Your Offerings

Hi, Primmies,
So many of you are busy busy working on your crafts for your selling blogs and shops. I found these very pretty
Fall tags tonight from Jan's blog Big Brown Dog Primitives.
She is offering this free download from her Digital Antiques shop on Etsy. Here are the tags, aren't they beautifully
done? The direct link to download them is below the photo:

She has so many lovely things for sale and she has other free images for download. If you have any trouble with this link click HERE to go to Jan's blog. There you will find the
free Fall tags thumbnail and other free graphics for you.
Have a lovely evening, oops, it's almost morning...

October 13, 2011

Look What I Got From A Dear Friend

I happened to mention that I wanted to learn needle punching with wool roving. Well, two very dear friends decided to gift me with
this awesome kit with everything I need to get started.
Thank you SO MUCH Joyce and Prudence. You may see Joyce's work
at The Bear's Blog. Joyce makes the nicest bears and the most
exquisite miniatures you've ever seen. Check out her miniature
Pumpkin House she made for her Whendi Mouse.

I take the worst pictures, but this is a kit called Buster, a Playful Pup, A Little Critter Pattern by Linda B. Schaff. The kit came with dark grey wool fiber for the body, red for the ball, black for his nose, little black eye beads, and black floss. It also included a
Felting needle and long needle to sew the eyes in place.

And this was a TOTALLY UNEXPECTED SURPRISE! One of Joyce's miniature bears. You can't see it well in the picture but she came
inside a painted tin with lovely little vintage images of a sailor boy and a bear, toy rabbits, a toy duck and a teddy bear and rabbit birthday party. She's an angel bear, complete with little gold
wings a lace dress with gold trim and gold bow in the back and
her little red bow on her head. She has the teensiest little black
bead eyes and little black bead on the tip of her snout. 
She's signed by Joyce and she's just adorable. The details of the
bear are all there even in her petite 1 1/2 inches.

Thank you, Dear Joyce and Dear Prudence for including the surprise in my package. I will always cherish your friendship.
Miss Susan (as Prudence lovingly refers to me) 

I Look Forward To Your Comments

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