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Hi, Primmies... I stitch reproduction antique samplers and dolls. I also have lots of great artists and their sites featured as well as tutorials and some recipes for you to enjoy. Eventually we will have our own items for sale. Until then I hope you will enjoy the content, please leave a comment on any post you wish to.

Thank you,

Please Visit My Followers

Please Visit My Followers

I'm So Happy About My New Friends!



November 29, 2011


Don't forget to check my right sidebar for brand new giveaways in The Land of Blogs.

Here's the First of Three Christmas Giveaways at 1890 Gable House Musings.
It is a 32 oz. Feather Tree Candle, Pewter Charger (LOVE IT)
and gatherings. This is Christmas Giveaway Number One.
Misi's rules are simple and sign-ups end December 5, 2011.
She will announce the winner on December 6th.

Woo Hoo! The Old Farmhouse Gathering is having their last giveaway of the year and like before, ONE PERSON will win the entire giveaway. Go to The Old Farmhouse Gathering blog to enter and see the prizes.

And, hop over to visit Dena at Morning Glory Vintage & Prims to enter here.
The giveaway ends December 11, 2011. It's for a battery
taper primmed with cinnamon, coffee and cloves. It stays on for 8 hours and turns off for 16 hours. Also 3 prim tea lights with the same scents. You also get a 4oz bottle of prim room spray and one cup of hip and sticks.You can choose from her list of scents for the room spray and hips choice. 
Such nice giveaways, more on the right sidebar remember.
Take Care,




 Here he is, my win from Steph at Front Porch Primitives!!!
 Thanks so very much Steph for hosting the giveaway.
I hope your family gets well soon, these viruses lately are awfully hard to shake off.

Hello, Primmies,
My profile and some blogger gadgets and such are M.I.A. This happened to me a few months ago and my laptop is in the computer hospital, so I'm not sure if the tech is doing some-
thing or not. I CAN'T LEAVE COMMENTS and I'm so frustrated.
(Big Sighs...) I wanted to thank everyone for congratulating me about the win from Steph and my blogger profile doesn't show up at the bottom of people's comment box. I have to sign out/sign in and even then I don't think the comments are going through. The message says that my email is not authorized. Duh... I remember my profile doing this a while ago.
Does anyone know how I can fix this? I would really appreciate any bit of help my fellow bloggers can give me.
My mail is also wacky. There are messages in the inbox that show up hours after the person sent them to me. In one case, a whole day. I almost missed that I won the giveaway. 
I feel like buying myself another notebook for Christmas and starting over. But, if it's Google, that won't matter.
Aha!! I just went off IE and went on Firefox and guess what?
My profile is back for the comments boxes on fellow bloggers' sites. Hopefully it will stay on, but I still don't know what happened to my blog template. Sorry everyone. I hope it gets fixed soon.
Warm Wishes,

I Look Forward To Your Comments

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