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July 13, 2011

The Family Visit Part 2,Another CITRASOLV Use & Antique Samplers

Well, Sister and BIL should have been here last night. My daughter called me just before midnight to say that Aunt Rose was in the hospital with a kidney stone. In her haze from the pain shot, it seems she could only remember one long distance number. My Ashley likes her sleep, and it's a miracle she answered the phone at that time. Anyway, I called and she was home and she told me what she had been through for the last couple of days. I have to wonder lately about doctors and hospitals. I have recently had the feeling that we just get shuffled around to someone else,a "Specialist" when the doctor is maybe overwhelmed. So the new plan is that she rest for a couple of days at home,
and she could travel by Thursday. So the anticipated arrival is now Friday night. This time I'll make double sure she's really on the road tomorrow. I thought when I got the message on the cell that they were in a "no reception" zone. Yeah, in the hospital! You just never know...
Oh, back to my rant, what about the policy of "turning the office phones off" BEFORE the office is supposed to be closed!?! Yep, she went through all of that but with HMO's you have to call your PC first. She should have just gone to the hospital. You are supposed to follow a procedure before going to the ER or be responsible for the bill. Well, I've been of the opinion lately that I'd rather pay the high copayment and go to the ER first and get taken care of. This of course is still for only real emergencies, like if you're doubled over in pain!
So Mr. Glen Oaks has been granted a reprieve on the floors. He's taking the opportunity
with much gratitude. He can now do what he wants to do to the finish. He's using Tung Oil and because of the cats, we aren't using any petroleum solvents like oil stains or polyurethane finish. After multiple coats of tung oil (he says at least 4, it will be impervious to water and other spills) handsome is believe it or not cutting the tung oil with TaDa CITRAVOLV! It keeps the layers from just floating on top of each other, so that each layer is smooth like glass. He will be handwaxing the final coat. All beautiful and no toxic fumes. The drying time is unbelievably quick. We can only keep the kitties upstairs for just little intervals. They like to "hunt" in the cellar!
So they should see the "new" floors all finished when they arrive. We thought they were just going to see them sanded down. I'll take some pictures and post to the blog hopefully before the weekend. They are going to be beautiful. As with all his work, they will be perfection.
I'll be back later. I have a new blog from England that I came across that I'm very excited about, the loveliest photos of antique samplers, the auction house where they are to be sold and charted designs of antiques. And of course any great methods or tips I read about in blogland.
Stay cool, primmies.
Warm Regards,

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