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Please Visit My Followers

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December 20, 2011

My Online Christmas Shopping Adventures

Primmies, it was a fun couple of weeks while it lasted. I
decided to get my gifts this year from my blogging world.
My sister was born in Charleston, SC and she's a true
Southern gal. No matter where she lived her heart was
always in South Carolina. She's back there now and what
a gorgeous house she and hubby bought. Nana Glen Oaks
is living with them now. She missed my sister terribly and
we had many years together. Now she will enjoy the rest
of her time with us with her oldest baby. I got off track,
sorry. So this is a gift for my sister that I thought she'd love.
She's in the Daughters of the Confederacy so this is perfect:
This is the "Civil War Journal" by Jean of Primcrafts. The journal jacket is just like a leather well-worn journal that a soldier would have kept on him. There is a letter on 
parchment by "Abigail" to her beloved. Inside are more parchment pages antiqued to look like very old paper.
There is a real feather quill pen tucked inside the top.
It can't be described to do it justice. When you hold it you
feel like you really have a piece of history in your hands.
I love it Jean. You did a fantastic job.
Tomorrow I will post some more photos of work by our
favorite blogger artists. It will include a floral from
Sheila at Seasons Of Thy Heart. Be sure to see her new
offerings for the season  at her selling blog Country Impressions. And I also shopped for my Ashley with
Brenda at The Rusty Thimble.
I have to close now. I've posted my little prim heart out
today and read the blog updates and I'm pooped. Just
cleaned up the kitchen from dinner and I'm dragging
myself to the shower. I was in the rubble of my craft room
digging and looking for things and it hurt my back and
neck. So I'll stop for the day on a happy note.
Stay warm (or cool if you are South of me),


Ok, Primmies, for anyone out there that loves gingerbread houses like I do, this post is for you. Every single year since
I can remember, Nana Glen Oaks has made gingerbread houses. I got my own for years. Sadly, it stopped when I left
home (guess I was too grown up Mom figured). Then, woohoo! when Ashley was born they started being made every year at Christmas all over again. So you can see why they are special to me, besides the fact that they are doggone good to eat. I could never bring myself to eat mine, but Ashley never felt that way!
Here are some photos of gingerbread houses made by various people. You can find everything gingerbread houses by clicking the link at GINGERBREAD HOUSE HEAVEN
They offer templates for those of you that are challenged in
the  kitchen like me. They are for sale but they also offer some FREE TEMPLATES HERE. You can get lots of ideas
on decorating them and places to get your supplies, I think
that you can get pretty much everything at your local stores.
Enjoy the post, it's picture heavy:
                                                Photo copyright Gingerbread House Heaven
                                                Photo copyright Gingerbread House Heaven
                                                 Photo copyright Gingerbread House Heaven

Photo Copyright Gingerbread House Heaven

                     Photo copyright Colette Peters and EdibleArt

                            Photo copyright EdibleArt

                              Photo copyright EdibleArt
I hope you enjoyed these ideas. Gingerbread houses can be as simple or as elaborate as you can imagine. I personally like the little gingerbread houses Mom always made. The roof was a little sagging and the walls were a little uneven
some years but they were full of love. And that's the best
kind of house you can make.
Merry Christmas,

Some Pictures Of My Giveaway Wins

Merry Almost Christmas, Primmies:
I have some catching up to do in the posting of giveaway pictures. I had to use the artists' photos to do the posts
of when I won (shame on me) but my camera stinks any-
way so it didn't really matter that it's gone to Kodak heaven.

I'm going back in order so here's my win from Margie at
Hungry Hook Primitives:
My win from Steph at Front Porch Primitives:
She sent me an extra two gifts:
This candle says Santa's Cider and smells wonderful. The tag reads Joy and has little acorns. Thanks so much, Steph!
She also sent me Peppermint Patties in a bag with a beautiful vintage image of Santa on the cover of Chatterbox,
a children's book from the 1800's.
Now,  for those of you that don't believe how awful of a picture taker I am even with a GOOD camera, here's Steph's picture of the giveaway:
My poor Ashley has inherited her mother's  picture taking
abilities. We don't know how to "set up" a good shoot. Oh well, something to learn next year ...
Here's Virginia, from Danice at Homespun Hannah's blog:

Her apron says Gingerbreadblessings.
Thank you to all of my wonderful blog friends for hostessing these giveaways. I love all of my things.
Just spending the rest of the day running to Hannaford's to get a roast of beef and a spiral ham before they are all gone.

Mr. Glen Oaks' son wants ham and my SIL Timmy doesn't like pork, thus the two. I'm glad, though, I haven't made a roast at Christmas since years and years ago. 
Mr. Glen Oaks is outside freezing his cute butt off installing
shocks on the Explorer. The poor guy can't seem to get away from working on our vehicles. He just came in for a kiss and
a chicken salad sandwich. I'm pretty sure the sandwich was
first on his priority list!
Merry Christmas,

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