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Please Visit My Followers

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September 27, 2011

Pumpkin Primer

Tip Of The Day from Better Homes and Gardens:
 to extend the life of your pumpkins, clean them
 with soapy water and bleach. The bleach kills
 bacteria and germs that can cause the pumpkin
 to rot. Also, only buy pumpkins with the stems
 attached. That can also delay rot.

A Simple Little Sewing Roll

This is a very simple sewing supplies roll. You can make it entirely from cotton calicos or all wool felts. It works up very quickly and can be a nice last minute gift or an item for your selling blog. You can cross stitch where the flap
is if you want.

Some More Free Projects and Simple Felting Wool Instructions

Here are some projects that I'm working on this weekend. The Wooly Sheep and Flowers appliques were shown as projects for small photo albums, but I think I would use them for needlebooks instead. In my next post, I'll be showing the free project for a cute sewing roll that only takes a fat quarter and a scrap of felted wool. It's so easy and I see a lot of pinkeeps and sewing rolls on prim blogs so I like to find free designs and put my own spin on them.
You can click on the instructions pages and patterns to enlarge them and right click to save them on your computer, and print them out. Enlarge them more if necessary on your printer settings.


When wool is felted, it shrinks and becomes so tightly woven that it will not ravel. This is one of felt’s most appealing qualities, because you don’t need to turn under the edges as you appliqué it.
To felt wool for appliqués, machine-wash it in hot water with a cool rinse cycle and a small amount of detergent. You can use fabric softener if you wish. Dry in a dryer on a medium setting, removing promptly and checking the filter often. Steam-press lightly if necessary.
This variance in temperatures, along with the agitation, causes the wool to felt. Hand-dyed wool does not need to be felted before use because the dying process also felts the wool.
TIP: If you want to felt wool from a piece of clothing, cut it apart and remove the seams so it can shrink freely.

I'm Making My Way Back

Hi, Primmies, my epidural shot was cancelled this morning so here I am. I'm a little better than yesterday, at least I can type today. I have a freebie and a giveaway  and some links to some great new blogs I found.
First, the cute free pattern from Teresa at Aunt Polly's Blog :

Isn't it cute? She would enjoy seeing any of your finishes.
A cool blog I found is Sew Many Ways. Karen has so many great ideas to share and she's got a huge following.

There's a Giveaway going on at
Click Here to go to World of Charity Stitching for a chance to win two $25.00 Gift Certificates to VeenandCo
Cross*Stitch Designs. The quilters and cross stitchers at World of Charity Stitching do wonderful work and
for example, they just finished two quilts for The Ronald McDonald House.
I'm taking it easy today, so it will just be a day of hunting for freebies and giveaways.
Thanks for being here...

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