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Please Visit My Followers

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November 27, 2011


Hi, Prim friends.
There is a giveaway going on at White Sheep Farm and it runs until December 2nd at 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. You have your pick of either a Gingerbread Theme giveaway which consists of a Hooked Candle Mat, a Cabin In The Woods design, a large jar candle from Yankee Candle in Gingerbread, and three fat gingerbread men.
Or, you can pick the Snowman Theme which consists of
a Snowman Hooked Candle Mat, a large Yankee candle jar candle in "Jack Frost" and a set of six Hallmark snowman
Hurry! There's still time to get in on the celebration.
Warm Wishes,


Hi, Primmies, how have you all been? I'm using another computer tonight, my daughter had a birthday party yesterday
for Toki the Pit Bull, he turned one! She
made a dog cake recipe, peanut butter
flavored, and cream cheese frosting with
shredded carrot mixed in. She made a cake for Toki, and one for each of the Boston Terriers, Opie and Lily:

Did you notice that there's only one Boston Terrier having cake? That's Lily in front of Toki two pics up. I think Opie
was not in the mood to celebrate, he is very jealous of
Toki. He loves his Lily, but another male, unh-uh. Nope.
We all still have very bad colds, the coughs are the worst.
We are so congested and I'm taking Mucinex but I can't
seem to shake this.
We start work this week on the roof. It will be all demo-
lition work for a couple of days. That's why Mr. Glen Oaks built the frame and the door to block off the staircase to
the living room so that we don't lose all our heat. I'm kind of excited, he said that he's got a few surprises for me,
like maybe wide board floors in the bedrooms upstairs. They are very small rooms so I don't think that it will be very much money. He does all the labor and that's really what costs so much with anything, fixing cars, making furniture, plumbing repairs, etc. And, the best is that he's
planning (hoping) to get my vintage claw foot soaking tub installed up there like in an alcove but connected to our bedroom. OH, my gosh, can you imagine with my back pain and the fibromyalgia how GOOD it's going to feel to sink into hot water?? Ooooh. I have to stop, I'm too excited.
The weather's been really quiet, very mild some days. We are picking up our new car (new to us, it's a 2001 Explorer)
on Monday and I hope we have good luck with it. We can finally turn the rental car in. Geico paid up until last Wed-
nesday and that was it. They were very generous to us and went above and beyond with help and service. The rental is only $23.95 a day, it's a cute Chevrolet HHR, a cross-over car that looks like a PT Cruiser and I love it. I wish I could have bought it. It's red and it's a zippy little thing with a lot of room. I like the look of the old 40's and 50's cars.
I hope to get a little more time in tonight to visit my friend's blogs and catch up with what's going on with everybody. No camera yet to take pics but I still have to show you my rug from Margie at Hungry Hook Primitives and a beautiful floral in a rusty can from Sheila at Seasons of Thy Heart. They are her "trademark" and they are awesome.
Good-nite for now, hope to talk to you all again soon. I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving day and weekend.
Warm Wishes,

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