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Please Visit My Followers

Please Visit My Followers

I'm So Happy About My New Friends!



October 19, 2011

While I'm Thinking Of It

Hi, Primmies,
I want to take this moment to thank ALL of my followers. When I
started blogging in May every time I picked up a follower, I'd
scream out to hubba, "hunny, I've got a follower", "hunny, I've
got another follower,  "hunny..." you get the idea! I've picked up
quite a few in the past week alone and I'm thrilled. I feel like
such a winner. I know that  a lot of it is due to your very sweet
comments and one having me on their blog list has led to another
and another, and I have ALL of you who've visited to thank.
My little group of early followers, you know who you are and I
will never forget the feeling of happiness you gave to me from
finding me noteworthy to follow along with.
Also, I realize that every once in a while I have something on the
blog that isn't "truly Prim". I hope you won't hold that against me
since I call this Glen Oaks Primitives, but some artists' work is
just SO beautiful (like the vintage train case) that I think there's
others like me who can appreciate the beauty. My heart is Prim
even though I like to "window shop" and peek in some different
store windows.
'Nite, Primmies...


What is this beautiful thing? It is this gorgeous Vintage Train Case
by Rebecca of A GATHERING PLACE. Want to see? Sure you do:
I hope you all enter this fabulous giveaway for a chance to have one
of Rebecca's beautiful make-over's. See her blog for more lovely
eye candy. 
Rebecca is a very talented artist who was featured in Romantic
Homes Magazine, September 2006 issue. 
Click HERE enter. The giveaway is open until Midnight, 12/11/2011.


Primmies, you need to click HERE to enter the giveaway going on
at Mammy Stitches. The winner of this beautiful Mammy doll by 
Cheryl is being announced tomorrow so you only have today to
enter, I don't have a deadline time.
So if you collect Mammies or want to start a collection, visit Cheryl's blog to sign up and enter.

Back after lunch...

I Look Forward To Your Comments

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