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June 17, 2011

Stormy Friday

It's about to pour buckets here in Western Mass. That's a frequent occurrence here in June. I found some great "old" patterns in my stash last night. Dolls, bears you name it, I have it. Some go back to 1993
when I was doing home parties with my friend Vanessa. She painted folk art primitive style and I did
dried flower wreaths and arrangements and dolls, snowmen, angels, santas. Do you remember the vacuum cleaner covers? I was laughing at some of the things that were "hot" in the eighties and nineties. I
remember candlewicking was popular. I did pillows and a marriage sampler. I have a floorcloth that I did in a class. Wow, the classes I went to. Tinpunching, basket weaving, pierced lampshades, painting and I can't remember anything else right now but I know there was more. Surprising to me was that I really didn't start making bears right away. I was a little intimidated I guess. I have the ones that I bought from 1989-on. I took a really cute bear into the birthing room I had when I has having Ashley. He was my "focal point" from Lamaze classes. It worked, too. Having her was really a breeze and I remember the midwife asking me "see you next year" and I told her "I'll be here". Unfortunately, I couldn't have any more children. But I could have birthed lots more babies! Anyway, I digress...
I said in an earlier post that I was uploading pictures to the blog. I haven't found the cord I need
and the memory chip is missing from the camera, otherwise I could just pop the clip in my laptop. I'm going to take pictures of some of the old bears, too. I have quite a few vintage composition Patsy dolls but they are all undressed except for one. I have some vintage baby clothes that I hope will fit at least 1 or 2 dolls. The dresses are the common white batiste type with exquisite sewing details. I'm really getting into the hand sewn needlework techniques. Google eBooks has tons of old needlework books that are all in the public domain. I love reading these books. They range in date from the late 1700's to the 1920's. After that, you take a chance that they are still copyrighted. I see lots of ideas and things to make. The instructions are very limited. They were written at a time when ladies knew how to sew and it is assumed that you know what to do. The terminology is sometimes
unknown in today's time. So I use Wikipedia and most of the time I find the word.
I've been concentrating on learning HTML and code so that I can do additions to my blog myself. I like it so much that I'm going to school online to learn web design.
Well, this is quite enough for today I think. I'll feed the birds and change their water, pick more peony blossoms (they have exploded on this plant) before it really rains. If I come across any good
items from other blogs, I'll post them here as I usually do when I think you might like them.
Warm Regards,

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