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June 10, 2013

Love Sheep? Brenda's Having A Giveaway

Hi, Everyone. I haven't blogged in sooo long. I just saw Brenda's newest giveaway that ends June 15th.

In addition to the Wooly Sheep, she's also giving away 2 sheep tucks and 2 printed sheep pillow tucks.
Click The Rusty Thimble to enter by June 15th.
It's been really raining for days here, and will continue for a few more days. You should see the shrubs and flowers!
That's the great part about rain.
I finally stopped going for injections. I'm supposed to be enjoying being pain free. I am for the most part. They did get rid of the leg pain which is excruciating. I can deal with the rest!
The mister is almost done with his custom job. By the end of June he should be able to start on our house. I've been making a list for about a year so he doesn't really know what's in store for him! His boy is spending a good deal of the summer with us like he usually does, so he's going to be a big help with the heavy lifting like the drywall sheets.
We've been watching a lot of British crime shows on Netflix. They've got some AWESOME shows over there. Gosh, I love Netflix.
I have a bowl arrangement of white peony flowers from my peony bush and they look like big pouf balls. The fragrance is so wonderful, I didn't know they were scented the first year I lived here. I'm glad I found out, because they're wonderful sitting right next to me while I write or watch t.v. Uhmmm...
My sister's birthday came and went and no Izannah Walker doll. I had to resort to sending conventional gifts like  a matching purse and slingback shoes. She loves them, but I wish I had made the doll in time. They are so involved, anyone who's made one or attempted one knows that. I can't get the head just right; it's still too big for the body. So, I start over tomorrow.
She sent me antique fabric that she bought at a doll show somewhere so little Izzy's clothes are going to be fabulous.
I really need to go to the eye doctor. I can't see the little holes in the linen when I cross stitch. Mister's been after me to go for two years. So I really need to make an appointment.
Mom's doing very well. She turned 87 in February. Gosh, I'm getting old. Every time my sister has a birthday, I get a reminder that she's 10 years older than me, so I realize that my next birthday in 4 months is gonna be my 57th. Oh, well...
Handsome can't find his wallet, so I'm going to help him now.
He needs to go to CVS.
You all take care and enjoy your week.

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