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November 1, 2012

Note To Self: Do Not Paint Around A Cat

Hi, Primmies,
I have started a Christmas project tonight. I am making a Santa Sculpture from paper clay and papermache. It stands on a little teensie papermache
round box and is so darn cute I can't stand it!
I started painting the little box (another note to self: don't do this again at
Twelve-thirty in the morning) and learned the hard way to dust and vacuum the craft room before painting, and put away all kitties.
Of course I dropped the little box and when I picked it up, yep, kitty hair all over the wet paint. Ugh, just wiped it off and started over.
Here's the little guy all finished from the Better Homes and Gardens website:
Photo Copyright Meredith Corp.,
This will be my first paper clay project. I want to get warmed up before  I make an Izannah Walker doll. They aren't as easy as they look to be to sculpt the little faces. 
Paper clay and Modge Podge are so expensive so I've found lots of websites with home made recipes to make them both. I'm trying a paper clay recipe later today (I need Mr. Carpenter's linseed oil and it's at the job site). I can't wait to see if they come out the same as the store bought.
There are basically two different ways to make the paper clay, with and without tissue paper soaked and squeezed out, and some other things I can't quite remember right now. But I've bookmarked the sites and if anyone is interested I'll look for them and give you the links.
I have a package of paper clay from the store and I'm trying that first, and want to keep some to compare with my home made stuff.
See, if I stuck to ONE thing at a time, these things wouldn't happen to me,
like a furball in my wet paint!
Take care of yourselves,


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