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Please Visit My Followers

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March 25, 2012


Hi, Primmies ~ 

Here's another wonderful prim doll giveaway going on at
A Primitive Place. Tammy has a new handmade primitive doll 
carrying her own church baby with her. To enter for the giveaway click HERE to visit Tammy at her blog.

You may have noticed that the Giveaways no longer appear on my sidebar. I've created a page for them on my blog instead.
At the top of the page you can see Categories, "Home", 
"Giveaways" and "Items for Sale". These are new pages I've started. To see all of the giveaways I know about click
HERE to go to the Giveaways Page. I am adding as I learn about current giveaways so check the page periodically          after you read a post during your visits with me.

I hope you will all understand that for the past few days,
I have been reading blogs, just haven't been commenting as I usually do. I had another spinal injection a few days ago and I always hurt afterwards for a while. It went better this time,
I had the shot at the new pain center I'm a patient at and they put me to sleep this time. It was such a relief not to go through those needles being injected. I'm still sleepy from the anesthesia
and I have some pain medication now that they've prescribed.
I'm up for little bits of online time and doing plenty of resting so that the medicine in the spine can work. 
So I'll be catching up with all of you when I get back on a regular schedule which will be soon I hope. The medicine seems to have worked, the doctor injected it in the nerves to both of my legs, instead of the nerves in the back. My left leg hasn't been
hurting me with the terrible gnawing pains so I'm hoping that this will be where to inject the pain medicine from now on.
Oh, I'm so grateful for this relief. I must say it's about time that I found some relief!

I have worked in little spurts on the sampler and have been going through my patterns for more dollies and such to sew up for more giveaways. It felt so good to have a giveaway for all of you and I would like to do one as often as I can.

It was actually 82 degrees here on Thursday! I had the windows open Wednesday and Thursday and we've been leaving one open at night. I've slept so much better with the fresh air.
We're watching movies on Netflix and having pizza. Hubba just finished some yard work, now he's going to be suffering tonight. Poor man, I hope gets some relief soon.

Ashley and Tim have been finding all kinds of awesome primitives and some antiques from their jobs. They work for a property management company and also work on houses that are empty due to illness or the owner being deceased, when they have no families to empty the contents people like my daughter and SIL have to do it. I have some beautiful vintage photos to scan and put up on a page for you to use in your crafting. And I was presented with the most awesome prim chair with it's original green paint still clinging to it in large areas. I need to clean it and I'll post a picture of it soon.
Hubba is working on getting my craft room passable so that I can get to my supplies. I'm working in the dining room which is good because I can see and talk to him and watch the telly. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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