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December 18, 2011

Lots Of Primitive Christmas Eye Candy-A Peak Inside Primitive Christmas Homes

Primmies, if  you want to see some beautiful primitive homes and Christmas vignettes and decorating, click on the
LINK to A Simpler Time blog with Lynne.  She's on the staff
of The Primitive Pantry. On her blog she has lots of prim
tutorials. There are some beautiful photos on her post today.
                                                  Photo Copyright Lynne A Simpler Time
                       Photo Copyright Lynne A Simpler Time
If you click on her link you can see more lovely prim photos of rooms decorated for Christmas. 
If you go to The Primitive Pantry and navigate the side bar menu you can see members' homes decorated for Christmas.
Here's the direct  LINK to TPP Members' Christmas Homes photos. to the December 11th post of TPP Members' Homes.  There are more pages of photos if you look on the right sidebar for the posts. The first link I gave you takes you to the main page of The Primitive Pantry blog with some tutorials for Christmas. The photos start toward the bottom of the post and there are more in previous posts.
                                      Photo Copyright The Primitive Pantry Members' Homes
                                       Photo Copyright The Primitive Pantry Members' Homes
                                      Photo Copyright The Primitive Pantry Members' Homes  
                                       Photo Copyright The Primitive Pantry Members' Homes

Their online ezine/magazine is available now and Lynne says it features Christmas homes and more. The download link to the online magazine is HERE.
There are also archives to other previous issues.                        All I can say is, "Oooooh, I'm more in love with prim than ever...
Merry Christmas,
                                  free vintage image


Hi, Primmies,
If you haven't put your Christmas tree up yet I came across
this article on the blog Everyday Life At Leisure Arts. It's
about trimmings for your tree and other tips. I know
everyone is aware of how to decorate their tree as evident
by the beautiful trees I've seen on your blogs. I thought
this might be useful in some way to see how the "experts"
do it. I love to look at Christmas trees, all kinds.
I also saw a tutorial on how to make coasters from your
last year's Christmas cards. They do have beautiful graphics
and if you don't have any cards, you can use almost any
graphic, like the ones I've been posting from the free graphics sites.
Here's the LINK How To Make Christmas Card Coasters.

ArtMind: How to make a tutorial?

For you talented Primmies that are always making the most fabulous things, if you ever wanted to make a tutorial out
of them, I came across this blog post all about making a
great tutorial for your creation(s):
The links are below.

ArtMind: How to make a tutorial?:

'via Blog this'

I hope you find it useful if you are considering a tutorial.
Merry Christmas,

                                 vintage free graphic from

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