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Please Visit My Followers

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October 18, 2011

My Candlemat Giveaway Win Has Found It's Place Of Honor

Hi, Primmies,
Tonight, miracle of miracles, our ancient digital camera decided
to cooperate so I can show you where my beautiful Candlemat
from PAULA'S PRIMITIVES has found it's new home:
This is my teensie dining room/gathering room where I have an
antique drop leaf table and my Eldred Wheeler bowback Windsor
Do you see why I was so excited to win? The pattern on the candle-
mat goes perfectly with my old Pfaltzgraff Village Folk Art water
pitcher. It was a gift from my sister Rose and BIL Dan. She has
been buying up pieces of this series like mad and has sent me a
complete service for 6 so far. She says they are very hard to find
and the accessories even tougher to get. The water pitcher is a
This is just a closer view of the candlemat pattern. I tried to get
close enough to show all of the hundreds of little delicate, even
stitches that Paula did throughout the mat.

Can you see a little bit better, the tiny even stitches along the scallops on each side and on the appliques themselves? The
blanket stitches are also so perfectly, evenly spaced. I don't
know how Paula's stitches all came out so perfectly! I can't do
that even on a little stitching area. Her work is just lovely.
So this is part of how I spent the evening. Sipping more chamomile
tea with honey and we're about to watch a disc that came from
Netflix today, the series from 1985 called North and South.
I shall talk to you all again soon, primmies. Have a happy night.


Hi, everyone, I'm working with a bad head cold and I can't seem to rest so what better to do than show you the cute free  CURLY SHEEP ORNAMENT. It couldn't be simpler to make and it's very prim. 
I found it on PRIMITIVE QUILTS AND PROJECTS website. You can
click HERE to go directly to the PDF download project sheet. 

Isn't he cute? Or is it a she. You decide. I'm going to make a bunch
of these for our prim tree this year.
I hope you enjoy this little project.
I'll be back later on today and tonight.
Take Care, Primmies,


Hi, Prims,
First, I want to give a huge "THANK YOU" to all of my followers
who answered my post with their opinion about seeing vintage
Christmas images and posts on my blog coming up. So many
of you kind friends left comments and you made me so happy!
Has anybody been using the new Blogger Interface? I have been using it for several weeks now. I think I like it. I don't always know how I feel about change, especially with something like this that I already have my limitations with. But, I've eased into it and I hardly ever use the HTML option when writing posts now. Things we need
to access for writing posts and reading posts seem to be handier. Speaking of, how do you feel about the new Lightbox for our photos? When you want to save something, it opens up into something that looks almost like a PictureTrail photo album. 
Anyway, what I was asking for is because I read on the Google blog
news that right now the new blogger interface is optional and you can
switch back to the old interface with a place at the top of your dash-
board to click on. I read that all blogs are going to be formatted with
the New Interface at some point. So, maybe anyone using Blogger
should familiarize themselves with the new interface before it just
appears on your blog someday. That would be awful.
Just thought I'd mention this since they aren't sure when they are
making the change permanent.
Warm Regards,

I Love Free! Get your graphics at


Good Morning, Primmies,

In case you forgot, today is the LAST DAY to enter the AccuQuilt
Go! Baby Giveaway, the deadline is 11:59pm(CST) October 18, 2011.
Click HERE to go to Connie's blog post for the Giveaway at         Quilting By The River
Also, CHECK MY BLOG SIDEBAR For New Giveaways that I've
added since the weekend if you haven't already.
Bye, I'll be back later on...
p.s. I know these
haven't been new
Christmas images
but I have to get
Fall out of my
system. I know,
I'm a stinker...

I Look Forward To Your Comments

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