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September 22, 2011

Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial By Lynne for The Primitive Pantry

Strong Quilting Thread or Upholstery Thread
Darning or Upholstery Needle
Garden Twine or String or Embroidery Thread
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Strong Cotton or quilting cotton
Cinnamon Stick Or Other Sticks/stalk

Start with A4 size of fabric*
Cut in half lengthwise

Fold in half across the length and sew short ends together
Sew a running stitch around one end of fabric and
Pull together and knot tightly
Turn right side out
Repeat for open end
Fill with stuffing, the tighter you stuff the tighter the
Pumpkin will finish
Pull the thread to gather and tie off, leaving a small hole.

Use the palm of your hand to roll the pumpkin around
To flatten and get to the shape you like
Take darning needle and string, begin at the bottom of
Pumpkin and stitch up into the hole in the pumpkin
Go down through the middle and out the bottom,
Repeat for all sections

Tie off and cut excess string
If you have some creases down the sides of the
Pumpkin gently push some extra filling in through
The top hole and work into each of the segments to
Make them fuller
Take cinnamon stick, cut half, cut 2 small fabric circle
(You can make the stars green or rust if you like contrast like I do)

And star shape cut slits in 1 circle and star shape
Push cinnamon stick through star shape and circle
Glue to top of pumpkin pushing stick into hole and
Pushing down circle and star
Glue circle to bottom end of pumpkin to cover stitches

*You can vary the size of pumpkins,
just make sure the fabric length is double the width
I hope you can use this tutorial to make lots of pumpkin pods and some nice, big
fat ones to scatter about your house. Use lots of different colors, white, black, green and rust.
Different fabrics can give you all kinds of looks. You can also make larger ones from 
muslin and follow the same instructions, just paint them orange (dilute craft paint with
water)or any other color you wish and then grubby them with 3tbs. coffee crystals in 1 c hot water, paint  it on your pumpkins and then rub with ice tea crystals. They absorb into the fabric for a good grubby look, cinnamon tends to stay on top and rubs away and is a little grittier. If you don't want to paint just get different colors of fabrics (wash to remove the sizing). Experiment on scraps of fabric/painted fabric and find the look you like. The grubby mix will get into the nooks and dimples of the pumpkins. You can spray a very light coat of spray adhesive to help your cinnamon/ice tea crystals stay on.   Have fun today!

Copyright The Primitive Pantry


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I have been making these for years..but loved the star on top and the way you did it..(learned something new)..thanks for sharing..they make wonderful little gifts too..I take a brown paper (lunch) sack, cut off the top and put in fall raffia type stuff and put in a couple of pumpkins and write something on the sack..:)

Sheila said...

Though most of us have been making these little gems for awhile, this is a great tutorial for those who haven't. Thanks for sharing this and all the other wonderful things that you do Susan!

If you happen to find a pattern for those newer looking pumpkins with the curly top let me know! Been looking but haven't found one yet.

Have a wonderful day~

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Sheila, I'm not sure what pumpkins you mean. A curly top? Do you have a place where
I could see one?
They sound cute.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Gina, what a cute idea. I'm going to do that for my Ashley. Thanks a bunch!

A Simpler Time said...

I am glad you all liked my pumpkin tutorial.:)

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