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Please Visit My Followers

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December 11, 2011


Hi, Primmies,
I was supposed to come back tonight and tell you about the rest of what we did (and happened) today.
I wanted to let those of you know that don't that I won
sweet little Virginia in Dani's giveaway at Homespun Hannah's Blog. Virginia is a Raggedy from a pattern by Sandy at
The Olde Country Cupboard. She's a sweet little dollie
that I'm proud to have come and live with us.
Thank you, Dani, for having the giveaway.  I am especially
grateful to have Virginia because for those of you who don't know, Dani had become disabled and doesn't sew anymore.
She'll hold a very special place in my heart, Dani.
I think you'll have to wait until tomorrow for the rest of
our adventure from today. Time just got away from me and I promised myself I wouldn't stay online late/all nite anymore.
Until tomorrow, 'nite Primmies...

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Evenin', Primmies,
If you can please visit Karen of Buttons In The Attic. She is
doing a series of The Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies.
Today is Day 2 so we aren't too far behind. She said she might sneak some candy recipes in there, too!
Also announced was the winner of Karen's first Giveaway winner. It's Jodi of Crafts By Jodi. Congratulations, Jodi.
I hope to be back tonight to post again about our day. It was
extraordinary in a couple of ways. I know you're going to
be super busy from now til Christmas, but I'd hoped to get
more of you to give me your "giveaway wish". I asked a couple of days ago from some of my suggestions of what I'm able to craft what you'd like to see me have in a giveaway.
I only had about half a dozen responses.  If that's to be what
I go from, that's ok, too. Cuz I got different answers and that's good for a surprise. I am planning on adding a 'real primitive'
from one of my treasures along with a handmade by me so
I hope I get a lot of entries. I said it would be after the holiday and I think it will be right after the 1st of the year, because I found out that Mr. Glen Oaks is taking me to The Wachusett Village Inn on Christmas Eve through to New Year's Eve. We'll be home on Christmas Day to be with our kids and then back we go. It's only 25 minutes from here, but they have separate fireplaced cottages on the grounds that were built in the late 40's-early '50s and they are very Early Colonial. The furniture and bedding, too. The beds and chairs are very colonial. I was there today in the fireside lounge (did that fire smell good) and saw the cottages. They look like they were just built, most of them are Cape Cods. There were a couple of Gambrel-style. I'm so excited. I haven't been away in years.
They bring the wood to the cottage, it's right near                     Mt. Wachusett which is a pretty popular ski resort.
No more skiing for this primmy (too many rods, ceramic plates and screws in my spine) and Mr. Glen Oaks has never skied. We're planning on having Christmas Eve dinner at 
The 1761 Old Mill, you should see this place inside. I hope I can take some pictures. I was hoping Santa brought me a new camera but I don't really want him to now after this surprise. I think this is over the top for a present and I love my hubba so much.
Wow, I meant to stop talking paragraphs ago. I still have more to tell you about our day. We had the most beautiful thing happen to us. I am still getting teary-eyed about it.
We took a drive that was supposed to go nowhere in particular when...
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