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October 27, 2011

A Bit More Sad News

Hi, everyone, I wanted to thank each of you that left the beautiful comments. They do help, and yes hugs help, too. I'm sorry I'm not
commenting yet, I can't stay on here too long. As much joy as this
always brought me, it's the one thing I can't seem to do right now.
Ashley came home from the hospital tonight. I just got home here
a little bit ago. She is alright, but what has happened is that she
was pregnant, and twelve weeks along. The heartbeat was good and
we thought everything was good this time, she's lost two others.
Well, she stopped having morning sickness  and just felt wrong.
It seems when she went for her 13 week ultrasound the heart was
no longer beating. The baby had been gone for about a week or so.
They wanted her to wait to see if she would miscarry on her own
but a week passed and no. It was awful for her to have the baby inside
her and know it was gone. I can't imagine how she functioned. But
she's strong, and she did. Today they told us that she's a carrier for
cystic fibrosis and that could be why she can't keep the pregnancies
and if her husband is, that's a problem. So, I just wanted to be
respectful to all of you and read your comments and know how much
they mean to us. 
I hope that things will be back to normal soon. It's snowing like hell
and my mother and sister are due in to Boston Logan Airport at
midnight from Italy. Geesh, what else?
Warm Regards,

I Look Forward To Your Comments

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