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February 28, 2012


Hi, Primmies ~ 

While reading blogs from my Reading List I came across Teri's tutorial:  White Sheep Farm Primitive Make Do Pussy Willow Branches.
Teri was so sweet to give me the go ahead to use her photos. I was so amazed at how lifelike these branches look, and it couldn't be an easier to do tutorial. Teri was pruning a plum tree, I think, and she used those branches for the pussy willows. Talk about
multitasking !
Here are the "buds" made with brown paper and wool

Here a bud is attached to a real branch with rusty wire
Please be sure to visit Teri if you can, click HERE for Pussy Willow Tutorial . There are step-by-step photos and instructions for you to follow.

Here's a tutorial from Jennie Lynn of Appleseed Prim for sampler stitchers that like to "age" their work. 
She also made up a free chart for us, a sweet little marking sampler with a few simple lines and a lovely border. You can download the free Betty 1709 by clicking HERE
You can click HERE to see photos showing her stitched sampler after applying the extreme aging techniques.

And more creative tutorials using techniques you are all familiar with but different graphics and items made it seem like I was seeing them for the first time. The first one is from The Vintage Polka Dot using clear decal film sheets and vintage graphic images. You can pick up old bottles and jars at thrift stores and use this transfer method.
It's truly amazingly fast and easy. You can also use plain white canisters, platters, etc. Here is a link to the Clear and White Inkjet Decal Film. 
Here is another source Experts Choice Decal Film.
You can also do a search for it, they are also called water slide decals. You don't need all of the suggested items that they sell to go along with the film. Just read the tutorial from The Vintage Polka Dot on how easy her way is.

The vintage images that are available for free are plentiful.
I have several links on my blog sidebar. Be sure to visit the individual blogs where you will read the full tutorials.

Kristie of MARKET NINE home  made these vintage looking garden pots with the Modge Podge transfer technique. She was inspired by Laurie of Heaven's Walk. 
They both used graphics from The Graphics Fairy blog.
And there is a product called Outdoor Modge Podge for items being used outside.  Awesome.
It's been a while since I've hunted for new projects. I like to try other methods besides primitive, but these methods all work on wood and other surfaces and you can make prim boxes, rusty cans, blank milk bottles, signs and all kinds of things using the same transfers just making the items primitive in your favorite
aging or grunging technique. All of the great primitive labels and graphics that we've come across are so quick and easy to apply with the Modge Podge. Another blogger used washable Elmer's glue; she spread it on the paper and printed her image, and then did the MP transfer technique. She said it makes the image stick even better. I could not confirm this with anyone but it would be easy to try a practice transfer with it.

I've been stitching two other projects while working on the Polly Daggett sampler. I'm also working on a very large, very prim rabbit. I'll show you the finishes if you're good little primmies.

Also, everyone say a little prayer for our friend Tricia of  Hillcrest Home Primitives.
She's having her surgery this morning at 8 a.m.  And send her your love & well wishes for a quick recovery.

Have a happy day creating whatever you are working on.


I Look Forward To Your Comments

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