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October 29, 2012


Hello, everyone. I'm sending an early greeting in case our power goes out tomorrow. I'm not anticipating anything major from the hurricane but we are supposed to have high winds that they say may cause some damage, power outages and downed trees. This storm is one year to the exact day of last year's storm when we lost our roof and car. I think all of the questionable trees have fallen on the house already so we should be o.k. tonight! Gotta joke about it, what else can you do? Hubba is home today so I'm not scared!?!
Out in the craft room I've uncovered my Izannah Walker patterns from Gail Wilson and Dixie Redmond's Izannah Walker E-Book on how to make an Izzy. I've got my paperclay, my fabrics (Civil War reproductions), paints and all the other goodies. I'm planning on following Izannah's patented method of how she made her dolls using the pressed fabric and glue in a mold that I made. The first Izzy is going to my big Sis (shhhh!she doesn't know).
I'm so excited! I'm also very happy about the fact that
I managed to decorate for the Autumn/Thanksgiving season since I'm feeling so much better after the latest procedure on my back.
They can use radio frequency waves to "deaden" the nerves that cause pain in the back and the legs. It's called "nerve ablation" and they did 5 sensory nerves to my left leg. It worked! I felt the pain disappear immediately. The procedure is no joke, though. Fifteen needle holes, they go in the same as for the injections. The spine is on a magnified computer screen and they can see where the needle is going. The doctor zapped the certain affected nerves about 3 times, of course I asked for sedation. I'm no fool. You are in and out in a couple of hours, just wake up from a nice nap!
It was tough to recuperate from, but they give you extra pain medicine. It really didn't help so I stopped taking it, ice bags were doing more good. The pain from the site (and my left cheek for some reason) went away 3 weeks from the date of procedure. It was well worth the discomfort. My sister says it sounds awful and she won't have it done. Sis doesn't like to think about needles.
So, the house looks cheery inside and out, my bittersweet crop came in so much better this year. It's gorgeous and I think the cold snaps we had did it. It also made the leaves fall off of our trees early this year, so that's good in case we get an early snow fall.
I'm easing my way around blog land. I still have a lot of pain in my back; until the next nerve ablation I'll still be going slowly on the computer and sewing time. I was able to browse for quite a while and noticed that a lot of bloggers seem to be taking a "break".
I'll be slowly reading, commenting and writing more very soon, I hope. I miss everyone so much, and I want to thank the ladies who have been emailing me to check on me and say "hello". It's always nice to have people who care. The healing power it brings is enormous.
I hope everyone who was and is in the path of the hurricane is safe and well. Take care of yourselves.

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