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October 22, 2011


Hi, Primmies...
I experienced a hard-learned lesson with computers this past week.
It turns out that the problems I had were not quite of my own stupidity.
It seems that in reading the Google Forum, there have been a lot of
crashing incidents, and this is apparently what happened to me earlier in the week. I thought I had done it with the deep clean scan on my computer, but nope, it's good ol' Google. Had I known, I could have avoided the HOURS of going nutsie re-installing programs and
such and just done a system restore. I went back to the day and time
right before this all started and simply picked the date and clicked.
There are a couple of teensy things out of whack but I'm accepting
that as a trade-off in getting back my Adobe Acrobat (seems you 
have to buy this now, it came with my laptop) which is one of the
things that disappeared. All of my patterns and things that had been
stored here were Acrobat, so when the horror happened they would
not open any longer and I couldn't find a free program to re-install.
I found some free ones from other software but they aren't quite
the same with the handy features. Needless to say everything seems
to be back in working order, and this blogger for one doesn't have the mental fortitude or the courage to go and do any of my usual posts
with pictures, files, blog surfing, etc. I'm kind of frozen tonight, 
maybe in the light of day I'll get my courage back to really use my
laptop. For now, I plan to stay offline for the rest of the night!
Warm Regards,

vintage image: vintagecatnip blog

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