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July 2, 2012

Happy Monday Morning

Hello, Primmies,
     I'm writing a short post since I'm feeling a little bit better each day, and I'm getting stronger.
The warm weather has reached Massachusetts and
we're enjoying 80's and low 90's temps with some
wonderful breezes in the afternoon.
The birds are enjoying their birdbaths and supplies 
of fresh drinking water. People always put out
feeders, but lots of times they forget that the little
birdies need lots of fresh water supplies, too.
     My poor sister had a stroke 2 weeks ago! It was
quite a shock to everyone. Luckily, she received
superb medical attention right away and she just
has some minor damage to her vision with respect
to the peripheral vision. She's still recovering so
we've been worried about her and hoping she'll
make a complete recovery. She's very tired and has
a very bad migraine headache tonight and we don't
like the fact that she's been getting them almost
every other day. The hospital has to put her back
on a drip of medication because of the stroke; she can't take her regular medicine anymore. And, she doesn't want to go back. She's stubborn, but I'm sure my brother-in-law Dan is going to win out on this score.
     The Mister has been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and is being measured for the machine that
you wear at night to breath. They need to set the
pressure and then come out to the house with the
unit. He's stayed overnight at the Sleep Center and
that's how they found it, and did the measuring for
the pressure of the air flow last night. I don't know how it all works exactly. I'm just relieved that he'll have it.
     My typing is getting a little easier and less painful so I hope to start posting again. Mr. Glen Oaks Junior will be here next week to spend some of the summer with us. We're looking forward to seeing him. He seemed to get so big and grown up all of a sudden. He's in Junior High School already!  If we could just get my m-i-l to come up and stay for a few days that would be a lot of fun. She's so upbeat all the time and she really makes us so happy when she's here, and I know she could use the time to get away from it all.
     My kitties are sleeping and so is my bubba so I guess that's a hint for me to be doing the same!
And I haven't forgotten about the sampler giveaway
I promise...

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