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Please Visit My Followers

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November 17, 2011

Coming To You From A Cute Wireless Cafe

Hi, Primmies, I'm just dashing off a quickie post to let you know I'm still alive!
I was super excited to learn that I had won Margie's giveaway. In case you don't remember, it was the hooked rug giveaway from Hungry Hook Primitives.
The rug is GORGEOUS! It's very prim, of course, the pumpkins are adorable and they're on a swirly background of beautiful wool colors. When we get our camera and computer hardware replaced I will post pictures of the beauty. I'm just so happy that I won something made by Margie!
Because I'm not home and I have trouble sitting here for too long, I haven't edited my blog, removing/
adding giveaways or adding new crafts' posts.
Yeah, the tree hit the room with the main computer
and camera, etc. It's the baby cat's room where he chills out and likes to sleep by the windows, which are about six inches from the part of the ceiling where the tree broke through. This is why we aren't as upset about this whole thing because we could have lost our baby and we would really have some-
thing to mourn and be upset about. He was with us downstairs because for some reason we had closed the door to the room that night. It's just the way
that God works, he was looking out for all of us that night.
I'm going to close now. I'm coughing too much and I don't want people to think I'm inconsiderate. I have antibiotics for the bronchitis (yeah, I got sick from the 47 degree temps in the house) but I'm not any better so I'm back to the doctor's tomorrow.
I'll try to post again soon. You've all been so very kind and sweet with your comments for our well-
being and regrets over our accident. We really are
very thankful for all of our new friends that we have
made. You're the best!!

Warmest Regards,

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