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Please Visit My Followers

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October 20, 2011


Hi, everyone, I survived the ensuing chaos of last night from the "cleaning house" incident. See what 
happens when you clean? That's why I avoid it!
I forgot all about mentioning Thanksgiving when I
jumped ahead to Christmas! And I hate it when the
stores do that. So I'm going to put up a few cuties
in between Christmas and other posts. Here a couple I thought we really cute to put in your fall orders or to incorporate them into your decorating project. Of course, you could always just mail them (what's that, I know; I still like to use regular mail for writing notes and cards):

Isn't this the cutest? This turkey looks like the one that walks down our street every day. Watch out, boy!

This one is sweet, too. I've never seen Auld Lang Syne with anything but New Year's. What do I know?
I have a few more from Thanksgiving and harvest. If you want to see a couple more let me know if you comment here. Speaking of, Mr. Glen Oaks' son will be with us this year for dinner. And of course my Ashley and Tim. Each one has put in their request for veggies and deserts. Timmy is making
a casserole that they like and a  desert. Isn't he sweet? I've made up a Menu in a "sandwich board" style to put on the table with the centerpiece. When I'm finished I'll post it. I got the cutest idea from Mamie Jane for using an old hardcover book.
I might be back later on tonight to visit with you all again. I want to read what all of you have been up to today!
Until then, primmies...


Well, evidently I put the plug-ins back. I feel stupid now after the last post I just did. I didn't imagine I would fix this problem. I managed 
to find a search result with the very simple 2-part instruction on how
to check if your plug-ins are disabled. Uh-huh, sure, like I know what
I'm doing. This was all sheer accidental luck that things went back
O.K., apparently I can comment again.  Honestly, 8 hours of this for something I did in 5 seconds. Boy, I am lucky though.  It all could have been worse. And I'm lucky that I have a lot of patience.( I think
I'm mistaking patience for being in a semi-coma)
Let me see if I can find some vintage Christmas images:

Ah, that went well.  Isn't that a pretty card?
I'm off to find some recipes and any giveaways that I missed posting 
on here. Hopefully some free cross stitching patterns for the Winter/
Christmas season. You know, my regular stuff.
I've got a headache...

Pennsylvania Horse Desperately Needs A Home


This is a request from  the Wicked Faerie Queen blog to reach 
out to as many bloggers as we can to help this beautiful animal;
here's what she posted this morning:

I visited Izzy's Acres blog just now and she is asking anyone who would like to give this beautiful horse Dandy a home. I think that passing the word may help. Please my fellow bloggers and followers copy this and post it. The more people who can get it out there the better. Let's all band together to get this lovely guy a home before it is too late.

This was her post, you can visit her blog for a clearer picture-

Home for this horse needed ASAP!!!!!
I am trying to help a friend out by getting this info out there......this beautiful boy needs a home! There is a time limit and it would be heartbreaking to see him be put down........he is FREE to the right home! Please feel free to share this info!
Thanks, everyone.


Hi, Primmies,
Well, last night I did a disc clean up scan on the laptop and I must have erased something in Google Chrome because I lost everything. Gmail, iGoogle Home Page and Blogger recognized me but everything was blank. Five and one half hours  later I managed to restore everything, but as you can see my blog is screwy. I am missing plug-ins for the apps I had and worst of all I can't leave comments anywhere on anyone's blog, even my own. So, don't give up on me gals. I hope I can figure this out and I hope this post goes through. I've really messed things up and I'll never do a deep scan again.

 So now I have to find out why I can't comment and what the heck
plug-in am I missing. I can't put back any of my widgets.
If I get through this you probably won't hear a word out of me for
days. I need an ice bag for my head...

I Look Forward To Your Comments

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