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I'm So Happy About My New Friends!



August 8, 2011


This post is very long overdue.
During the Christmas In July and Giveaways that Sandy of The Olde Country Cupboard and Sami of Samantha's Accessories I received the MOST MARVELOUS surprise gifts from my two new friends. I was so thrilled I was weepy. No one manages to surprise me with gifts anymore
because I usually get asked what I want for birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc., so when I received this package I was blown away. I warn you I am not good at taking pictures so I
apologize for the fuzzy and not close enough photos.
I received from Sandy and Sami the most awesome scented items. Sandy sent me her scented Beeswax Gingerbread Bowl Fillers and Ornies. Sami sent me a bunch of her Soy Tarts in the most scrumptious flavor scents. The cupboard where we have them when not in use has such a strong mix of scents that when you open the door the dining room is filled with marvelous fragrances for an hour. We melted a Creme Brulee Soy Tart last night and today and people thought we were baking or making candy (my mom's nurse came this morning and wanted all the info on the Soy Tarts). Here are my photos, pitiful tho they are:

There are two of these smaller Gingers, there is a boy and a girl and they have nice little prim strings to hang on a tree or from a cupboard.
Here are some of my Soy Tarts (we have melted a few already):

The soy tart fragrances include: Creme Brulee, Maple Walnut Fudge, Peanut Butter Cookie, Sugar Corn Pudding,Granny's Cornbread and Kettle Corn. They are strongly fragranced and fill a room with the most delicious aromas.
The cute card in the photo with the soy tarts of the two little prim dolls was in my package and it says, "Hi,Susan,thanks so much for your posts and kindness. We really appreciate it. Bloggers are the best.
Take care,Sandy and Sami
Aren't they just the best? I can't thank both of my new friends enough for the gifts and the hard work and free patterns from Christmas In July. Bloggers ARE the best!
Warmest Regards,

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