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September 11, 2011

God Bless America

September 11, 2001-September 11,2011

Halloween Cats & Jacks Penny Rug and Penny Pocket

(As you read along, I have put links thru the post for you to click and go to the web
pages for the pattern(s) and video)
Even if you start from scratch and make your own versions or something completely
different, this VIDEO from will help you
learn some fast tips for making penny rugs. I like Penny Lane Primitives patterns on Joggles because they show you underneath the pattern a complete list of all materials
needed to make the items so you can know what you need and not wait until you get the pattern. You can check your "stash" before you buy things that you don't need.
Go HERE to see the pattern and materials list.
I just watched the VIDEO for a Penny Pocket. The pattern from PENNY LANE PRIMITIVES makes the Penny Rug and Penny Pocket and it's
only $8.50. They also have a KIT that includes the pattern, the wool felt to make both the rug
and the pocket, the DMC floss, a chenille needle and freezer paper for tracing and transfer.
If you watch the video, they show you some great tips that make the tracing, cutting and
construction of these little pieces go much easier and faster.
I hope that this helps you learn a little something that you didn't know about tracing and cutting little pieces for penny's or any applique projects.
Have a great rest-of-your-weekend, Primmies!
Halloween Cats & Jacks Penny Rug and Penny Pocket

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