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January 25, 2012

Update On My Stitching Progress

Hi, Primmies -
I hope everyone is safe and warm tonight. I stitched today on
the Polly Daggett sampler and I have some more pictures of
my progress so far. It doesn't look like I've come very far
when I look at the photos, but Mr. Glen Oaks said I've stitched
more than one third of the sampler so far. That was very
encouraging. Thanks, hunny!

So that is where I am in the sampler. After the dividing band of
X  X X 's comes Polly's name, another easy band, the numbers, another band and then the beautiful basket designs.
There will be the soft blue-greens, golds and ivory. 
The borders would have been stitched first and then the main
designs but it didn't work out for me doing it that way. I kept
coming out uneven so I'm going right to left but I'm doing the
border as part of each row. There will be more boo-boo's on
this sampler besides the ones Polly made. I hope she will
forgive me!
I'm framing this sampler but I don't think I'm going to frame
it under glass. I don't know for sure but I don't think a
colonial stitcher would have had hers under glass. I'm going
to investigate this as best I can, and if any of my readers knows
about this glass/no glass please let me know.
I would appreciate any information that you have. I do know
that most work was simply rolled up and put away in a dresser
and when they needed to refer to their sampler for stitches when
marking their family linens, they took them out. Of course they were framed, too. I imagine to show the talent of the girl who stitched it. Some samplers have survived in beautiful condition because of the fact that they were stored away, where light could not deteriorate the threads and fabric. 
We are feeling about the same, unfortunately. I do not think
that the shots have been successful. We can go for another one
in a couple of weeks. We're wearing our TENS units and I'm
getting much relief from that. They sent me a new unit that
has more settings and does deep muscle penetration. I'm just
learning the different settings so I'll hopefully find one that
works for me. I'm putting the electrode pads on my left leg
tonight and I'm hoping that I'll really get some pain relief.
I haven't eaten anything today so I should go and have
something now. 
Have a good evening everyone.



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