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February 5, 2012

Decorah Eagles Mate 2-3-12 11:05am CST

Hi, Primmies:

Below is the video that captured the mating
ritual between the male and female Bald Eagles.
So it looks like it's going to be another wonderful year of the Decorah Eagles raising
another family. Mom Eagle will be laying her
eggs and once she does, Mom or Dad will
always be with the eggs. Last year they took
shifts so that one of them could go and hunt and take a break  from nest duty while the other
kept the eggs nice and warm. Mom laid her eggs
last year around Feb. 23rd. The Raptor Resource
Project captures everything on the Eagle Web
Cam so we shouldn't miss anything. I have to warn you that they will be bringing all kinds of critters to the nest so if you love bunnies and squirrels you probably won't want to see it. They catch trout from the river and the hatchery below their nest and bring them up, too. When Mom can't leave the eggs they will stock pile the nest with food. There were days last year when they had all kinds of critters in nest but they do that so that they have a nice reserve supply of food, especially when the Eaglets hatch and they have to be fed fairly often.
Enjoy the marvel of this pair mating again for the fifth or sixth year in a row, I'm sorry I'm not sure:

I hope you enjoy watching this pair as much as I did last year. 
Until I get some more stitching done
for you to see the Eagles can keep you





I wasn't planning on posting because I'm trying to stitch but IT'S ON now! Mr. Glen Oaks put the
Superbowl on which I was surprised at because he
never watches/follows sports of any kind.
Well, we watched the half time show and Glen Oaks Junior called so hubba went into the other room so he could talk and not interfere with the program.
He put the t.v. on in the room and all of a sudden I
hear yelling when the Giants intercepted that long
pass that just happened. O.K., so that's how it's gonna be? Well, it took me a few seconds to realize that since he's from New York he's decided to root
for the Giants. Oh, I can't  have this.  He was going
to get some peanut butter blossom cookies tonight
but I think I'm gonna be a stinker and tell him
to get them in New York!!
Oh, there he goes yelling for them again.
He's so in trouble now...

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