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December 2, 2011


HoHoHo, it's a happy week here in Western Massachusetts.
Here's my fabulous giveaway win from Steph at
Front Porch Primitives.
 He's on his way to Massachusetts and Steph says he should arrive next Thursday. I hope he likes it here.
The cutest thing is that Santa can come out of the little pocket and I can put anything in there for the different seasons or occasions. Isn't that cool?

I also did a little shopping the other night at The Rusty Thimble Etsy Shoppe.
Here's what I couldn't resist:

This OOAK Santa Makedo from Brenda was my first choice. I had to grab him before someone else did.
I think he's going to my Ashley (Shhh! don't tell) or
maybe these ornaments:
This is Brenda's Santa Head Ornament. His beard is super curly little sheep's wool curls!
This sweet guy is similar to mine, he's in a green herringbone and cream tweed stocking and his hat is  Christmas Red and his chenille candy cane peeks out of the stocking like the one above.
 Finally, this is Brenda's Primitive Santa Ornament. I love his coat and hood, she painted him and he's slightly stiffened but flexible. I don't know what she did but I love the way it looks and feels. Isn't his little black face with the button eyes sweet?

The "boys" are busily working on my roof,
gosh are they SUPER efficient and GOOD!
Mr. Glen Oaks is a master carpenter so I know
if he's impressed, there's something really
special going on with this crew. My son-in-law
(Happy Birthday, Timmy!!) works for the owner
of this company, and he's a good friend of 
Ashley and Tim's. So they've replaced the ridge
line, the trusses, joists, built the roof and have the new shingles installed. They aren't quite done, but the
roof is going to be finished tonight, I imagine. We
went with the new architectural shingles, they mimic
the look of the weathered cedar shakes on the antique
homes of Cape Cod. Plus, they have a lifetime limited
warranty so the shingles will be here longer than I will!
I think we're going to go with white for the house and
either dark green or black shutters, doors. I know it's
really common and not terribly inventive but the 
antique Capes and Colonials just look so sweet to us
in those basic colors that I think we'll be happy with it.
This house was built in 1932 so it isn't exactly an
antique Cape but I think it's going to look adorable.
Of course that won't be done until early summer of
next year but it's something fun to look forward to.
The replacement windows that the previous owners had installed are white so you can't paint them and
you basically have a funny looking house with white windows, a different trim color and then your house color. I am in no position to replace windows so this is the most efficient and cost effective way to give us an almost "new" house to go with our new roof.
The inside/upstairs will be torn apart for probably most of the winter. Since hubba is the only one that can work on the house (I used to be able to do things like paint, cut, measure, etc., but since the 4 surgeries I'm pretty much out of the picture) I'm figuring that it will be quite a while before it's done. I want him to take his time and not be stressed out,
I'm not one of those people that has to have everything done as soon as possible and have the house back together. I have a lot of patience so we're going to work together one room at a time and go from there. I'm so excited!
I know I haven't posted any pictures for you like I promised to have vintage Christmas/Holiday images for you, they are on my laptop which is still at the computer hospital.I think I'm getting it back tonight or tomorrow. If I can I'll go on the vintage holiday images website and see what she has for us. I know the Graphics Fairy has been posting some great Father Santa and Christmas postcards/vintage images and I always visit Karen's blog when I can.
So I might be back later with some images. Make sure you visit Our Pioneer Homestead. She's doing 12 Christmas Holiday craft tutorials starting yesterday.
Make sure you visit if you can if you love colonial crafts.
Warm Holiday Wishes Everyone!


Hi, Primmies, I thought you'd like to know about another giveaway. This one is from Robin at Bird In The Hand Primitives, click HERE to enter. 
You can choose from one of three prizes, here they are:

Giveaway ends December 9th, Robin will choose the three winners that morning. Good Luck, everyone!!

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