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September 6, 2011

Make Your Own Fall Wreaths: Part II

All of these wreaths come from the BHG website. This post is a continuation of my last post today (Make Your Own Fall Wreaths: Part I)
and I know that the pictures extend over the post column. I wanted them to be as big as possible so that you could see them good:

This wreath needs no instructions really. Just lay down a layer of fall leaves and twigs or bittersweet twigs and wire to the bottom half of the vine or twig wreath. Then wire a large gourd and a small gourd and mini-pumpkin as shown in the photo. Done!

This wreath could be made with leaf garlands (I get mine at The Christmas Tree Shoppe)
or leaf sprays if you can get them cheaply like at The Dollar Store. The square base could be cut from styrofoam. I think that if you made a wire form you wouldn't get the depth like this one, unless they make square forms, I've never seen them.
BHG says that this wreath is one that you can use for Thanksgiving and then change the "harvest style swag" to a "Christmas swag" for Christmas. I would use an artificial evergreen unless you live somewhere that gets really cold and stays cold from November until Christmas, otherwise I think it would get brown. They used dried fruits,unshelled nuts, cinnamon sticks and artificial berry sprays. You could use artificial apples and oranges and just "grubby" the orange with stain or wood tone spray to tone down the "orange".

Well, this should hold you guys for a while, enjoy!
Warm Regards,
All photos copyright Better Homes and Gardens


The Olde Country Cupboard said...

your wreaths are beautiful. I am so ready for fall. i noticed the fall stuff out at the dollar store the other day, have to go back and do some shopping before it is all gone.
take care,

Susan said...

Hi, Sandy, thank you but I can't take credit for the ideas. At the beginning of the post I mention that they are all from Better Homes and Gardens'(BHG) website under Decorating.
There were others, like with unshelled nuts and things, but I didn't post them all.
How are you feeling? Samantha's wedding is right around the corner, OMG you both must be going crazy! She's going to be a beautiful bride.

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