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September 6, 2011

Time For Bittersweet

It's that time already, bittersweet is almost ready for wreaths and decorating. I just read a post on another blog that suggests using it NOW to make into a wreath because the vines are green and pliable, and the berries don't fall off. I'm picking a sample stem to see how long it takes after picking for the berries to open to orange and yellow.
By the way, I have a large patch of bittersweet in my yard, and if a blogger lives nearby in Massachusetts email me and if you're in the area, come pick some! I never use what's out there and if there aren't too many of you, there should be plenty for 3 or 4 people.
Take care and enjoy your day.


Sheila said...

Oh how I wished I lived near you Susan! Bittersweet is not native to Idaho (sage brush, plenty of it)and I miss having some to decorate with. The faux vines just aren't the same.
Enjoy it for me!

Susan said...

I know, it just isn't fall without corn stalks and bittersweet and pumpkins.
Can you get it at a florist shop, or do
any craft stores where you are stock it?
Warm Regards,

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