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September 7, 2011

Canine Cookies and Pattern Organizing Tonight

It's beautiful here tonight. It was 90% humidity today and yesterday, but there's a nice cool breeze right now and I think it's safe to turn on the oven for a while.
My first project is going to be Cheesy Chicken Peanut Butter Dog Muffins. I've been telling
the granddogs for weeks that they are getting a surprise from me, but it's been too hot to bake. I have a mini muffin pan and that's what the dough is going in. I'm going to "frost" them with a little cream cheese. I know they're going to love them. I bought some "muffins" at a little store for them last month, and they gobbled them, especially the pit bull monster dog. I'm adding fresh apples to the basket, they love apples.
So that's all I'm up to. I'm reading the free tutorials I've found on rug hooking and needle punch projects. I love free! I'll be posting those when I'm done reading thru them all.
My next intended project is to make up some fall wreaths, the mini indian corn wreath I like the most. I'll make 2, one for me one for Ashley and Tim. She's getting ready for a huge yard sale and I'll be going over at the end of the week to help her clean and dust off the things she's planning on selling. She's got so much stuff stored in the house from before they got married that she doesn't even know what she's got there. This is going to be fun.
Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful weather-wise so I'd like to harvest some bittersweet from the back of the house.
I've been going through my patterns and books to see what I have and what I'd like to make. I've got to go to the spine clinic to have some injections so maybe after that I'll feel better. It hurts sitting, standing, lying down, whatever. Ugh, especially my left leg. It's agony, but I've been like this since 1990 so I'm used to it by now.
I'm watching a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie. It's wonderful. Gotta say goodnight, Primmies.


Sheila said...

The doggies are spoiled aren't they? I have two grand-dogs that I make treats for at Christmas to put in their stockings. I have two sizes of "bone" cutters I use and my kids thought it was hilarious the first year I did that. Now it's tradition!
I hope the weather stays nice for the yard sale and it's a sell out!
Keeping you in my prayers Susan, that the injections will give you some relief.
Enjoy your day.

Susan said...

Hi, Sheila, yes the granddogs are spoiled rotten. I wish I had a "bone" cutter, I don't know what happened to my cookie cutters. I had a bunch of them years ago and with all the moving we've done, I guess things get thrown out by accident (or on purpose) or just don't make it to the truck. Can you believe one move I had an antique ladder that I pulled out of the trash at The Jenny GristMill in Plymouth and that didn't make
it! My daughter said she watched them put it on the truck, it was the last thing and they said it wouldn't fit and she told them it better because her mother would flip out! Oh, well, I flipped out.
So, I make doggie muffins now instead of bones.
Warm Regards,

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