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Please Visit My Followers

I'm So Happy About My New Friends!



October 13, 2011

Look What I Got From A Dear Friend

I happened to mention that I wanted to learn needle punching with wool roving. Well, two very dear friends decided to gift me with
this awesome kit with everything I need to get started.
Thank you SO MUCH Joyce and Prudence. You may see Joyce's work
at The Bear's Blog. Joyce makes the nicest bears and the most
exquisite miniatures you've ever seen. Check out her miniature
Pumpkin House she made for her Whendi Mouse.

I take the worst pictures, but this is a kit called Buster, a Playful Pup, A Little Critter Pattern by Linda B. Schaff. The kit came with dark grey wool fiber for the body, red for the ball, black for his nose, little black eye beads, and black floss. It also included a
Felting needle and long needle to sew the eyes in place.

And this was a TOTALLY UNEXPECTED SURPRISE! One of Joyce's miniature bears. You can't see it well in the picture but she came
inside a painted tin with lovely little vintage images of a sailor boy and a bear, toy rabbits, a toy duck and a teddy bear and rabbit birthday party. She's an angel bear, complete with little gold
wings a lace dress with gold trim and gold bow in the back and
her little red bow on her head. She has the teensiest little black
bead eyes and little black bead on the tip of her snout. 
She's signed by Joyce and she's just adorable. The details of the
bear are all there even in her petite 1 1/2 inches.

Thank you, Dear Joyce and Dear Prudence for including the surprise in my package. I will always cherish your friendship.
Miss Susan (as Prudence lovingly refers to me) 


Carol Stuck said...

What a wonderful surprise from Joyce and Prudence!! You are so blessed to have such thoughtful friends. I agree with your statement about Joyce's work. She does beautiful miniatures!!! The little bear is absolutely adorable. I hope you will post pics when you finish your felting project:)


Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Well Miss Susan, what a lovely surprise and what wonderful friends you have! Can't wait to see your creations, happy needle punching! Deb

The Bear's Blog said...

Miss Susan,

You are a treasure.

Heaps of Hugs
Prudence & Mom

Trace4J said...

Don't you just love FRIENDS!
How sweet.
Hugs Trace

Christine said...

Lovely surprises! Now we can look forward to seeing how it turns out!
Best wishes

Danice said...

What a nice gift. It is really cute. Cannot wait to see how it turns out :)

~willa~ said...

Hi Susan, what a great gift, especially from a friend.

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deb said...

what a terrific surprise...have fun and cant wait to see it finished!!!!!

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