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February 13, 2012

PAFA Spring Forward Giveaway

I'm trying to get a few things in on one post. I hope I don't forget anything that I've been thinking of. First of all, tomorrow is the
beginning of the PAFA giveaway. I put a couple of links under
here to visit them tomorrow. The Etsy Shoppe is where you can see all of the artists' work. The Spring Forward link is where we can sign up, there are over 20 items already in the giveaway!

PAFA Etsy Shoppe

PAFA Spring Forward

Everyday Life At Leisure Arts Kitchen Collectibles and Valentine Sugar Cookie Recipe
This  link I just loved. I love cookie cutters and if you go to the link at Everyday Life above you'll see the whole collection. Plus there's an awesome Sugar Cookie recipe posted. I have had the same one for years, back when my daughter was in Catholic school a classmate's mother gave it to me and it makes THE BEST cookies ever. You can make the lollipop cookies with this, they come out so great if you want to make them thick and a little bigger and they melt in your mouth, sort of reminds me of a 

Copyright Everyday Life Leisure Art

When I was hopping around the blog posts today I saw this one
from Jacqueline at Purple Chocolat Home. You can see the whole post at the link above but here's the picture of the cake that they made for Jacqueline's friend's 50th birthday:

Is this beautiful or what? Be sure to read the post if you want the tutorial on how to make this cake, even the layers inside are the different pink colors.
I'm working on petit fours tonight. Mr. Glen Oaks and I are
making them for Miss Ashley and Timmy for Valentine's Day.
These are the petit fours from Jacqueline:
Purple Chocolat Home Petit Fours.
These aren't mine, but mine look pretty darn close. I'll post my actual petit fours tomorrow when they are all done.
I'm actually doing some differently from these, I want to try something that I've had in my baking cupboard forever: 
I've got to finish dinner, stuffed pork chops and the timer is going off. Time to put the stuffing on, they weren't the really thick ones that you make a pocket in, so I'm just putting the stuffing on top. Mister likes them like that.
I'll be back, I got two surprises in the mail today from blogging
buddies Diane and Sheila.

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