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Please Visit My Followers

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February 8, 2012


Hi, Primmies ~

I'm feeling quite a bit better (it could be the pain pills) so I have to post this before I go to sleep. I
should have done this days ago but you know how
it goes sometimes...
First, look at our full moon tonight. If you haven't
already, it's a beauty. It was the prettiest shades of
pinky orange earlier, right after moonrise. My 
camera is so very outdated and it's the one I found
so I shouldn't have even tried to photograph the
moon but I did. Here it is, don't laugh please:
It doesn't even look round in my picture (giggles)!
On to better things, Karen of My Colonial Home is
in the Spring 2012 issue of A Primitive Place &
Country Journal. 

She's on page seven and some of
her penny rugs are photographed for the article.
Her website is K M Primitives and she really is very, very talented. 

You should see her latest penny rug called "Ewe Following Me", she had it
on her blog a few days ago. It's adorable!

If you don't already follow Karen try to visit her
blog My Colonial Home and also her website
at K M Primitives . She's a very talented artist.


Trace4J said...

I just got my magazine yesterday and saw Karen's lovely penny rugs. She is soo talented.
Have a great day.
Hugs Trace

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

OMGosh Susan,
I came for a visit this morning and found 'praises' about my work...THANK YOU SOMUCH...what a sweet thing to do...bless you forever!

What a beautiful just don't capture the essence of many of our 'subjects' do they...but it really is beautiful.

Blessings and huge hugs,

PrimHearted said...

The moon was a beauty, it was lighting up my whole yard last night! You captured it well! I can't wait to see the new issue of APP and I love those penny rugs. I hope you feel better soon!

The Crafters Nestled Nook said...

Congrats on your home being featured . (-: I would also like to let you know , you won my giveaway for an ebay template . Hop on over to my blog and let me know if you still want it .

Christine said...

I was admiring the moon last night too! Glad you're a good bit better!
Good for Karen! Her rugs are wonderful!
Best wishes

maddyrose said...

Hope you're feeling better soon without the pain pills. I love Karen's site and her penny rugs. Thanks for sharing. Hugs

frontporchprims said...

We have had clear nights here and the moon has been spectacular too. Thanks for the heads up on Karen. I knew it wouldn't take long for her to find her way into a magazine. She is amazing. Headed to her blog to congrats her. -Steph-

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

So wonderful! Such pretty work! She is very talented! blessings, Kathleen

Angie Berry said...

It was a beautiful full moon last night! I think your picture is pretty.

Wasn't that an awesome article on penny rugs? I started reading the article and had to put the magazine down. I didn't even realize that those were Karen's until another blogger mentioned it so I had to pick up my copy and finish reading the story, haha! I thought they looked familiar. She is very talented! That was really sweet of you to do a blog post about her, she really is a nice lady. Love her and her blog!

Have a wonderful week Susan~

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Thanks, Christine: I tried to email you but you're no reply. Thanks for the sweet concern over my boo boos. We love Karen's work.

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