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January 21, 2012


Good Afternoon, Primmies -

Here's an update on my stitching  progress on 
the Polly Daggett sampler:

I'm not pleased with the color of the linen. But for  my first attempt at this in over 20 years I'll have to
be satisfied. 
This picture has all of the floss colors that I haven't stitched yet. They don't appear in the sampler until
the middle and the end. I'm sick of black!
I'm hoping to finish the alphabet today and start
on the pine trees. There will be a dividing band of
a rust color, her name in black (again) and then
the pretty colors. Lots of teal and light blue, cream
and yellow/gold. 
The color for the border looks nothing like the
original border. I'm supposing the true colors are
on the back of the sampler and what I'm stitching
is what they must have looked like before fading and aging.
So we have some snow and it's pretty and we didn't get too much so I'm happy. I'm having a hard time
keeping the house warm today. It's really cold
outside today. Just have to turn the heat up more.
I'm sorry to say that the spinal injection did not
help me. I think it actually made my pain worse in that I have no relief as opposed to before when I could have some pain-free time with ice packs and
medicine. Mr. Glen Oaks got relief for his problem
(one of them) and I'm happy for that. Thank good-
ness his leg pain is gone. His back is still very bad
and they are talking about doing 14 levels of spinal
injections of corticosteroids. Oh, boy - not me. I'd
be too afraid. I'm supposed to have another round or two of these injections and if they don't work I
don't know where I go from there. Probably crazy.
Stay warm and safe today.



Sheila said...

Your sampler is looking good! No snow here yet and it can stay that way too. Stay warm my friend.
Wishing you and your hubby could get relief from the pain you're both in.
Keeping you on my prayer chain ;)

Carol Stuck said...

Hi Susan: I certainly hope that you and your husband find some kind of relief from your back pain. You certainly have my sympathy... I know how it seriously affects your quality of life.

I have to tell you that I think your sampler is coming along just beautifully! I am sure the finished product will be amazing! Thanks for sharing. I am anxious to see the results of all your hard work.

gentle hugs and hope you feel better!

PrimHearted said...

I love your sampler! Wishing you and your hubby some pain free days soon. God bless.

Barbara Shores said...

Hi Susan ... so sorry about your back pains. two years ago I had a titanium X-stop implanted in my lower back as I suffered with sciatica and I was very much bed ridden. It gave me my life back. Lee Trevino, the golfer is the spokesperson for this and is back playing golf.
Anyways ... thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I am relatively new at X-stitching and am loving it. I have purchased several patterns waiting in line to be completed...hahaha, Hope I last that long.
Your sampler is delightful. Will look forward to seeing the finish piece.

Warm Regards,

frontporchprims said...

The sampler looks great. There are ways to adjust the color of the linen after you are done if you want. I am sorry that the spinal injections didn't work:( -Steph-

Jennifer Gail said...

Your sampler is looking great. Be well my friend.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Your sampler is wonderful. I sure admire you gals that can do the cross stitching. I don't have the patience :(
Sure hope you get to feeling better soon....those back problems can really wear you down!

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