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Please Visit My Followers

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December 9, 2011


Hi, Primmies,
I'm so glad that I decided to TAKE MY TIME and really read the blogs that I follow. I've discovered some fun, useful and
talented sources for crafts and bloggers.
The first is a FREEBIE page for prim patterns. The link is
Sassafras Hill Primitives Freebie Prim Patterns page. They also have lots more great prim patterns for purchasing.
The next links I got from Kim at Old Road Primitives:
101 Handmade Holiday Tutorials click HERE; 101 Handmade Holiday Ornament Tutorials click HERE; 101 Days Of Christmas click HERE that contains tips, tutorials, recipes and inspirations.
Kim also linked Pinterest Christmas Craft Ideas. She says
click the graphic to be taken to that idea page.
I have tested the links and they all work, if you have a problem let me know, please. I haven't had time to actually stay and read through these so I hope there's something that
you all like.
The new blogger I'm following is Jody of Sweet Bear Creek Whims. She's a very talented painter and makes the cutest
dolls, ornies and makedos to name just a few items.
She has a great page called Tips and Hints that I found extremely informative. It's always nice to learn new ways and time savers from other crafters with lots of experience.
I also found a cute craft source site called Country Whims 
where Jody buys her German Glass Glitter and these cute
twisty carrot noses.
There's a lot of traffic coming through here right now (there
goes the clean floors again) for the Craig's list stuff that
Mr. Glen Oaks listed. Someone just hauled away our 1930's
"furnace" that was here when the house was built. It's like
a wood stove and it isn't safe anymore for home use, the ad stated that and we still got 10 calls. The lady and her sons that just took it are using it for a fire pit(?) outside. I don't see it; it was free so it's out of the cellar and they're happy and we're happy.
I'll be back later, I have to go and read all these new linkies.

vintage image "gift tag" thegraphicsfairy

1 comment:

Sweet Bear Creek Whims said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog here! I am glad you stopped by.

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