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November 7, 2011

Hi, Everybody

Hi, Primmies, I'm home and we have power. Thank you to everyone who wrote and checked on me and left comments. 
You're the best, my blog friends!!                                           Our cable, telephone and internet were restored last night. We discovered that our side-by-side fridge and freezer
are not fridging and freezing. We lost our food and the
perishables during last week, and it looks like I won't be
buying any for a while. We aren't sure what could have
happened, it is a fairly new appliance so it might have been 
the surges that occurred before the power went out for
good on October 29th. So while shopping for cars we are
fridge shopping I guess. We have the rental until the 14th   so we have to find a car soon. 
I have pictures to post of the storm and the house but I
don't feel much like seeing the pictures again yet. The
upstairs is sealed off for now, the tarps are on the roof
and are secured down for the wind and rain proofing. The
tree was removed from the house on Thursday along with
the electrician re-attaching the conduit and electric meter
to the house. Two trees came down at the same time and
fell in opposite directions; one across the street taking down
power lines, poles and my neighbor's beautiful Hawthorne
and 150 year old apple trees. The tree that hit my house was
2,000 lbs. and hit the house and roof, broke in half and
half of that half went through the roof, attic and bedroom
all the way through to the other side of the bedroom and
attic. The other half crushed the car and took down our
wires, the pole across that street and all the wires and also
pulled the conduits/meters away from 3 houses. Those
trees are heavy buggers. The neighborhood was without power 4 days longer than others because of my trees. The
adjuster came right out for the car and gave us a check on
the spot. Love Geico. The homeowner's adjuster was here
on Friday and said they will get back to us in one week. It
looks like the whole roof needs to be torn down and then
replaced, the chimney and the upstairs rooms. We have some leaking and broken windows in the breezeway which aren't that bad but along with the crushed backyard fence have been added in to the damages. We had the old copper ice dams on the roof that they are reimbursing me for. 
I forgot all about those. They are a nice verdigris color now,
they would be original to the house so about 80 yrs. old.
We are slowly getting back into our routines and the shock
has worn off so I'm feeling a lot better today. We went out
to the Berkshires (looking at trucks for Mr. Glen Oaks) and
it was a really pretty drive and got me out of the house for
a change. Everyone in the neighborhood has been wonder-
ful as have been the town officials, especially the Fire Chief and the Volunteer Fire Department, who put the tarps on
the roof for us. My MIL was THE BEST, she made phone calls for the first three days and coordinated everything with
the insurance people. And Ashley and Tim gave us a warm
bed and hot food. We both got bronchitis after being in the
house in 47 degree temps. My sweetheart wouldn't leave the
trenches or the cats, Ashley has three dogs and three cats & they told us to bring them with us, but I don't see how it
would have worked. So if hubba didn't go, I didn't want
to leave him alone. I caved after 3 days and stayed overnight
and most of the next day at Ashley's. Then I went back home, that's when we really started to get sick. 
All in all we are blessed that we didn't get crushed to death or lose the kitties. That's all that matters. This is just wood and stone here at the homestead. It can be replaced. 
So I will close for now. It seems funny to be on here and to
have lights on. The candlelight was nice and it was quite quiet without the t.v. Would I like to live simply like that as  a real prim couple would have? Ask me again in a few months...


Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Oh my gosh Susan, I have to say enough already, I think you and your family have had more than their fair share of misery in the last while to last a lifetime. I am so sorry this has happened to you, I heard the snow damage back East was bad but didn't realize how bad until now! As you said, it's only wood and stone but still, your poor, poor house. Thanks goodness you and the kitties are fine and hope things get back to 'normal' soon. Big hugs my friend, wish I could do more! Deb


So glad that you are home and have power. Just think of all the re-decorating you will get to do,hopefully you have alot done before Christmas. Take care and hope you both get to feeling better. Cyndy

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

holy cow Susan, I had no idea that this happened to would have scared me to glad you and the babies are okay..and I hope you both get to feeling better soon and the house gets fixed lickety split.;) yeah I love prim but love my electricity way to much.;)

Sheila said...

I sent you and email my friend! So glad you folks are ok.

The Bear's Blog said...

Miss Susan,

If we lived close to you we would have you living with us until everything was fixed - honest - and we LOVE kitties.

You are correct - you aren't injured or worse, the kitties are safe and the stuff - it all can be replaced. But that doesn't change how devastating that storm was.

You are strong...but you have to recover from illness. THAT is serious. What would I do without you? Without my Miss Susan? Can't even think about that.

Heaps of Hugs

asheelary said...

hey mumma ! i am finally leaving a comment, i couldn't see where to click before but i think this should do it :) i am getting ready for bed, Opie and Lil are waitng for me lol just wanted to tell you i was thinking of you and yes i left a comment on your blog!!

The Olde Country Cupboard said...

Hi Susan,
glad to know you are safe and sound. We are just now getting down close to freezing this weekend. Then back up in the 60's for a high. that is our cold front. I love candles but don't know that i would have to read or do anything by them. don't know how they did it in the old days. Hope you have better weather and take care,

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I just came from reading the post about the tree falling and you sounded still in shock. I am so sorry..but you are right. What matters is the kitties and your family being safe.
We have our own problems here in California but so far we have been alright. No earthquakes for awhile..not that it is good..because the pressure builds up.
My daughter had a tree fall also..HUGE and it was right in front of her bedroom window. ON a HILL. God must have been looking out for them..and luck certainly figured in...because it fell UP hill and not right on top of them in their beds. They ALSO heard that horrible crack which brought them straight up out of sleep..and when it got daylight they saw that enormous tree laying down. Morning sun awoke them instead of the sound of the birds in the tree.
When I went over and saw it...I could not believe how fortunate we were that they were not killed.

My husband is from Maine and has told me of the storms there..
I am so happy to hear that things are getting better for you. Do take care.
Mona and Abby Bear

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