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October 8, 2011

I Hope You Aren't Tired Of Pumpkin Posts...

photo copyright Martha
Hi, Primmies, do you wish I would stop doing posts about
pumpkins? I can't help myself, these from Martha Stewart
crafts are just so beautiful. Some real pumpkins are mixed
in with the fabric pumpkins, they and the leaves are spray-
painted silver. The fabrics used for these sewn pumpkins
are rayon velvets, silk dupioni, and washed-silks.
The textures and the finishes of the fabrics make the pumpkins so elegant, and would look very pretty with those
of you who love the new white pumpkins and gourds.
The instructions are not necessary really, I will include them
anyway on the chance that someone doesn't know how to
make fabric pumpkins. There's a little fabric stem that they
made instead of using cinnamon sticks or wooden stems.
Other than that, the instructions from Martha Stewart are
identical to the previous tutorial I previously posted.

Elegant Silver Fabric Pumpkins

Assorted fabrics, like washed-silk or rayon velvet, 45 inches wide, or silk dupioni fabric
Sewing machine
Long sewing needle
Embroidery floss
Needle and thread
Step 1
Cut out a fabric rectangle on the bias that's twice as long as it is wide. (We used 5-by-10-inch, 8-by-16-inch, and 11-by-22-inch pieces for our three pumpkin sizes.)
Step 2
Fold rectangle, right side up, so short sides meet; stitch along that edge with 1/4-inch seam allowance. With doubled thread and running stitches, sew along 1 end; pull thread to cinch fabric closed, and stitch to secure.
Step 3
Turn pouch right side out; stuff with batting. With doubled thread and running stitches, sew around open end; pull thread to cinch fabric, and stitch to secure.
photo copyright
Step 4
Thread long needle with floss. Wrap floss around pumpkin, pulling through the core several times, to add ridges.
Step 5
For stem, cut out 2 stem-size pieces of fabric.Stitch pieces,right sides facing, leaving base open. Turn right sideout;stuff with batting. Secure open end to pumpkin with slip stitches.
Well, it's pretty quiet here tonight. Still sorting through the
piles and shelves of patterns and fabric stash. It's taking
me so long because I have to wait for a pain-free time to
do the digging and moving about. But, I'm getting there!!
Yay for me, and don't clobber me, but I'll be back with a
spicy pumpkin cookie recipe and candy corn cookie recipe from Red Couch Recipes.


Read more at Fabric Pumpkins - Martha Stewart Crafts 
photos and instructions copyright

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