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September 13, 2011

Spectacular Giveaway I Found and I Meant To Blog About On Tuesday

Hi, Primmies. I had every intention of posting Tuesday about this SPECTACULAR giveaway going
on at a new blog I just started to follow. It's going to be on the lengthy side and I want
to include the gorgeous pictures from the blogs and write about the two ladies involved in
the giveaway. One is doing the giveaway on her blog for her friend. Anyway, I lost my good
intentions because the day just got more weird and difficult as the day and night went on. It started with the big fat cat Mr. Puffy pouncing on my stomach at 6 A.M. (he's a tub of lard) to let me know that he wanted to eat an hour and a half early and them jumps on Mr. Glen Oak's face when he got no response from me except a grunt and roll-over. So we weren't too happy before we even went downstairs. I won't bore you with the rest, to make a long story come to an end, nothing went right all day/night. So I'll try later today and I'll just tell you this much,
the giveaway is for a $300.00 gift certificate (yes, THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS) to the friend's
beautiful shop. How's that for excitement!!!
So you'll just have to wait until later today sometime. I'm sorry, I know I'm being a brat!
'Nite, Prims,

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