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July 22, 2011

Some More Giveaways To Crow About

Hi, Primmies...

I have two more giveaways to let you know about. The first one is this very pretty prim Harvest Blessings Autumn Pillow:
Marilyn of Harvest Moon Primitives color-waxed this stitchery pillow. I really like the calico she used for the borders. And the little hangtag is adorable. Leave a comment on her blog and be entered to win. For additional entry chances: post about this giveaway on your blog sidebar, become a follower of her blog (if you already follow, you already have 2 entries), visit her Etsy shoppe and tell her what your favorite item is, visit her website and pick a favorite item, and finally, tell her what you love about Autumn. There! up to 6 chances to win. The drawing will be on August 18th. Good Luck!
Click Here Harvest Moon Primitives

Next is this soft sculpture by Dina of The Country Primitive Shoppe:
It's called "A Crow's Guide To Magic". She used a pattern by Pam Gracia of Soft In The Head. Contest will run until July 31st when she will announce a winner. Just be a follower and leave a comment on this post: Click Here The Country Primitive Shoppe If you can't leave a comment, Dina says to just email her Aren't the little witches' hats adorable?

It's so hot here like so many places are right now. Mr. Glen Oaks got heat stroke today doing a countertop job.
He was cutting these long sheets to custom lengths and it had to be done outside. He got in around 6:30 p.m. last night and was beat. The day before he was doing some work at my daughter's house and he and my son-in-law were changing out the kitchen sink and SIL let go
and hubby thought it was going to land on the new counter, so he lunged for it and SIL try to grab it and the corner cut hubby's right cheek. So trooper that he is, he cut some electrical tape and made a butterfly bandage and put his cheek back together. Ashley was at work and Tim couldn't find anything for the cut, plus he was freaking out a little bit.
When we went to the E.R. later on, the nurses couldn't get over the makeshift bandaid and
people kept coming into the room to look at it. Because it was a facial cut they didn't stitch it so that there would be very slight scarring, they used DermaBond. It's sort of a
crazy glue for skin. Cleaned it, glued it, and we were out of there in less than 1 hour.
When we arrived home, sister and B.I.L. were already here from Indiana. We hugged, talked and talked, and had dinner at 9 p.m. They stayed until after midnight. We opened gifts that sister brought with them and looked at pictures. It was great.
Tomorrow is Christmas here (well, sort of) when we open our decorations she bought us.
Stay cool, Primmies

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